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The facade of any house is its outer shell, and its beauty is certainly worth working on. The design of the facade forms the first impression of the house, and therefore of its owner. Of course, remembering the aesthetic side of the exterior of the house is good, but do not forget the functionality.

Prettyinspiration will tell in this article how to choose the right facade for your house so that it is as beautiful and appropriate as possible. Just look at how beautiful the exterior of a private house can be.

What color will determine your design of the facade of the house and how to choose it: the best options and photos

The color scheme of the facade of a private house largely determines its appearance. At first, the variety of options puts the owners of the house at the crossroads of the roads, but having thoroughly understood the issue, everything fall into place.

The first thing to consider is the compatibility of the colour of the walls and the house: it is good when they are combined with windows, doors, plinth, roof, etc. If any colour is not combined with others, it should be abandoned.

Add a more expensive and chic look to the house will help with dark shades, such as black and chocolate. They perfectly harmonize with lighter shades and emphasize the design of the facade of the originality of the exterior.

Pay attention to the rest of the houses surrounding your home. What are they: neutral and calm or with bright elements and unusual design? In any case, try to stand out and experiment so that your house does not merge with everyone else. Look at the options for painting the facade of the house in the following photos and understand what you like.

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