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Do CBD Topicals Really Help?

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With CBD gaining in popularity and being introduced as a natural ingredient in many products, many are asking whether or not it’s beneficial or if it’s all just hype. One of the most beginner-friendly forms of CBD is topicals, which are easy to use by simply applying it directly to the skin. But, what exactly is CBD? And why do people think that it’s such a special ingredient?

What Is CBD?

What Is CBD
CBD, or cannabidiol, is a chemical compound found in the Cannabis sativa plant. The active ingredient in CBD is the cannabinoid, which activates the body’s endocannabinoid system. CBD has become a popular natural ingredient due to its potential abilities to soothe stress, among other things. In order to make CBD infused topicals, a cream base is infused with a CBD cannabis extract, as well as other supportive ingredients.

Do CBD Infused Topicals or Creams Work?

At this point, it’s unverified whether or not topical CBD or creams have any specific health benefits. However, there has been a wide variety of research done on the subject to try to conclude what (if any) benefits CBD products may have. The focus is generally on CBD’s interaction with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which is a collection of neurotransmitters that are involved in the immune system, cardiovascular system, digestion system, and more. It’s still yet to be determined precisely how CBD can benefit these systems and overall health, but there are many personal testimonies online that describe how CBD has helped.

Ways CBD Topicals Can Help
Using CBD topicals and creams may support wellness in a variety of ways, but here are the top four benefits of CBD topicals.
Soothe Skin
1. Soothe Skin

CBD topical cream may help to soothe the skin, especially when combined with supportive ingredients like menthol and chamomile extract. Because hemp seed oil, which is used in CBD topical cream is unsaturated, it won’t clog the pores as much as a skin cream containing shea butter. Try adding CBD skin relief cream to your daily skincare routine to see how your skin may benefit from it.

2. Support Wellness

CBD infused topical cream may be able to support your wellness routine. Since the endocannabinoid system is widespread throughout the human body, cannabinoids are involved in many of its systems, such as the immune system and digestive system. Adding a CBD topical cream to your daily wellness routine will introduce cannabinoids into your system, which may promote overall wellness in these systems. One way that you can add a wellness routine to your daily regimen is starting your day with a CBD face cream.

3. Ease Stress

Not only may CBD creams soothe your skin, but they also may be able to ease your stressed mind. Due to CBD’s possible effect on the human endocannabinoid system, using a soothing CBD topical cream may help promote feelings of relaxation when applied to the skin. Adding a CBD daily cream to your morning routine may actually support your mind for a stress-free day ahead of you, so why not try it out on a day that you predict to be particularly stressful?

4. Workout Recovery

Using CBD topicals may support your workout recovery routine. This is especially useful for post-workout discomfort. The best CBD topical to use for recovery post-workout would be something convenient to carry to the gym, such as a roll-on balm for muscle and joint heat relief.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Generally, CBD is considered to be a safe ingredient in topical creams. However, because of how new CBD is to the market, and how little research there is relative to most other ingredients, there is always a risk of potential side effects. Be sure to talk with your doctor if you’re not sure if CBD is right for you.
Are There Any Side Effects
So far, the only side effects that have been described in studies are:

  • Appetite changes
  • Diarrhoea
  • Fatigue

Of course, it’s of the utmost importance that any CBD product you purchase comes from a reputable retailer that is selling safe ingredients and is transparent about exactly what is in the products you’re purchasing. Be sure to do your research before buying any CBD cream and make sure that what they say is the “best CBD topical” is formulated by licensed pharmacists and tested in third-party labs to ensure quality and purity. If not, you may end up with a cream that has damaging ingredients that may cause reactions to your skin.


Much more research needs to be done in the realm of CBD and the actual effects that it can have on the body and mind. But, there are some tangible benefits that CBD topical creams can carry for those who use them. With the potential ability to help soothe the mind and skin, promote positive recovery of the muscles after workouts, and support your body’s overall wellness, there is little reason not to try adding a CBD topical cream to your daily routine. Just be aware of the potential side effects, and consult with your doctor to make sure that using a CBD topical won’t negatively interact with any prescriptions that you may be taking.

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