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Keep Your Pond in Pristine Condition

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Effective Solutions to Keep Your Pond in Pristine Condition

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Ponds are excellent water features to have on your property. They can help keep the area cooler, are beautiful to look at, and the simple sound of a bubbling point (with or without the waterfall feature) can help send anyone into a Zen state of mind. Unfortunately, they also require a lot of maintenance. Unlike a river or a stream, the water does not have a constant flow. This means that algae can and will build up until your beautiful pond is nothing more than a murky mess of green sludge. Keeping your pond pristine can feel like a fight against the inevitable, and in many ways, it is. Nature overtakes all that we create, and it is up to us to keep it back and under control. With these tips, however, you can make those maintenance steps easier and more effective than ever:

Physically Remove Debris

Have a pool skimmer or net on hand to capture any leaves or other debris that will inevitably fall in your pond. By fishing them out quickly when they are still on the surface of the pond, you can get to them before they sink to the bottom, where they can be challenging to remove and will start to rot.

Ensure There is Enough Water

Ensure There is Enough Water

Your pond is not immune to evaporation, especially if you go through heat waves during the summer. Keep an eye on the water levels periodically and make sure that the water covers the pump; otherwise, it won’t run properly. Distilled water is best when refilling the pond to minimize any mineral buildup within the pump itself, which can make it work ineffectively.

Monitor pH Levels and Temperature

Monitor the pH levels and temperature of your pond, especially if you are keeping fish. A fish’s pH level is 7.4, so your water pH should be around this average. It doesn’t have to be perfect, however. Anywhere between. 6.5 and 9.0 will be suitable to care for fish.

UV or Filtration Pumps

UV or Filtration Pumps

UV filters use UV light to kill off algae in the water; however, it does come with its own risks. If you keep fish, for example, you may want to look into an alternative cleaning method than UV light, as it can disrupt the natural balance of the ecosystem and deactivate any medicine you give to your fish.

That is where good old filtration pumps come into play, like the Aquamax Eco Premium Twin Filter pumps from They work to clean out the physical debris and the algae from your pond without disrupting the natural ecosystem of your pond.

Physical Cleaning

With the right pond filter, UV filter, and water treatment, your algae buildup should be kept to a minimum. If not, you will need to physically clean the algae away to get the clean look back to your pond. Every month you will want to physically do this by using a pond cleaner or brush depending on what you have used to cover the bottom of your pond.

What you will want to clean as often are your pond filters. Debris and mineral buildup can both disrupt your pond filter and reduce how effective it is at aerating your pond and replenishing it with clean water.

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