Enjoy More Space with House Extensions


With inflating house prices, there’s never been a better way to consolidate and extend your home. By appending an extra room, you can not only create more space but also enhance its value significantly. Therefore, every property owner requires making changes to their home irrespective of the kind of house or location.

Some simple ideas of house extensions are:

1. Loft conversions

Loft conversions
You can convert the loft of your home into an extra bedroom, guest room, or a hobby room. Furthermore, the roof work can also get done along since most people ignore getting the roofs done.

2. Garage conversions/Increased floor space

Many homeowners don’t do away with their vehicles; therefore, garages are usually dumping spots for old tools. Consequently, you can invest in a shed for such devices and use the space to create an extra room, for instance, a luxurious kitchen, a residing room, or a separate TV launch.

Previously, houses which were built long ago had only one extension. Therefore, if you have a detached home, getting more extensions is a great idea.

3. House extensions

House extensions may include increasing the space of the rooms that you already have. Also, it could be adding extra new rooms to the already existing ones. However, hiring the services of a professional architect for extension is crucial.
House extension
House extensions can be in the form of;

a. Optimizing a tinier bathroom

From having the sink in the right place, having enough space for a shower somewhere to keep your towels can be tricky. Therefore, it’s wise to have extra smaller bathrooms as opposed to only one.
Some tips to make the most of the limited available space are:

Corner sinks- Having a pedestal sink next to your shower door can make going in and out of the bathroom a challenge. Therefore, a corner sink is a remarkable option; besides, with a vanity unit, you can have extra storage space as well.

Shower curtains- While glass doors look better, shower curtains are more convenient. It’s easy to pull a shower curtain back and forth while taking a bath behind a shower curtain.

Floating vanity units- A floating vanity unit makes your room look bigger but also gives you more storage space for some smaller items beneath it.

Extended counter- It’s a great idea to spread your countertop over the top of the toilet. This will grant you extra space without compromising your toilet placement or taking up any additional room.

Large mirrors- Enlarging the mirror not only make small spaces appear more prominent but also permit more than one person to use it.

b. An outdoor kitchen extension

Plan a separate area for cooking, plumbing, and dining. Besides a kitchen design software package can be very useful to help you get started. Additionally, you will require creating roofs or overhangs, plumbing, and gas lines appropriately.

4. Conservatories

Conservatories are a great way of creating more living space. However, they tend to be extra cold in winter and too hot in summer seasons. Therefore, consider means of cooling it down or heating it accordingly.