Everything You Need To Know About Pocket Watches

Everything You Need To Know About Pocket Watches

New Arriving home after work, you check your emails and Pocket Watches. You knew that your nephew, who you are close to, was getting married and you were invited, and now he has now sent you all the details to go through as he trusts your judgement.

Proud to be trusted, you wish to repay him when the big day comes by buying him a special gift. You have a few ideas, but after careful consideration, you decide to choose a pocket watch, an antique one that highly respected gentlemen wore with their crisp suits in the past.

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All About Pocket Watches

Pocket watches are making a comeback among all ages. People who recognise the value of authentic antiques drop by antique shops to check and buy an antique pocket watch for a loved one or to add to their look. They’re no doubt attracted by seeing them on screen, as this type of piece offers a particular charm, especially when worn by an idolised actor or character of their favourite show. 

First produced in the 1700s, pocket watches are most often carried in the pocket as the name suggests after initially being worn on a chain around the neck. They became an invaluable piece of safety equipment after a collision on the railway in Ohio in 1891, as jeweller Webb C Ball was commissioned to design a pocket watch that could be used reliably as the timepiece to run the railway by. 

A Decline In Popularity

The watches continued to be popular until wristwatches came into vogue. Primarily developed for use in battle, saving time, so that a soldier in combat could simply look down at his wrist rather than having to take a watch out of his pocket, thus often saving lives by not being briefly distracted.

Following the war years, the wristwatch industry grew with many companies opening up offering a cornucopia of styles and designs, whether the items were used in everyday life or as jewellery as part of an outfit for a social occasion. Albeit not as widely used as before, they continue to be among the common timepiece of the modern day.

The Comeback Of The Pocket Watch

Antique pocket watches have regained popularity in recent years; their beauty and elegance have been proven to never go out of fashion. The comeback has undoubtedly been inspired by the wearing of them in popular films and TV shows offering a persona of being cool and trendy.

The epic crime series Peaky Blinders saw the star of the show Cillian Murphy as Tommy Shelby. Along with other cast members, they wore pocket watches. A visit to the Museum of Sydney will show a corresponding era.

When & How To Wear One

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A pocket watch adds style to an outfit in business meetings or on social occasions. They are generally worn with waistcoats, which are also making a comeback. The classic method of wearing the watch is to place it in the waistcoat pocket with the chain passed through a buttonhole. The end of the chain, or the fob, is tucked into the other waistcoat pocket. Different styles and sizes may affect the choice of how they are worn.

An antique pocket watch will make a great gift, offering elegance, up-to-date fashion, and class. It will only increase in value as an heirloom. Your nephew will certainly look the part whenever he wears this special present.