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Exterior Vs. Interior Waterproofing – Protect Home from Unwanted Water


Water from plumbing pipes and plant irrigation systems often causes damage to your basement and crawl space. When you seek expert help, they ask you to get either interior or exterior waterproofing services. You should know what these crawl repair services areas you are investing money in. An understanding of both options lets you decide what works for your home foundation issue.

Signs of Foundation Damage

Before you opt for any crawl repair Indianapolis, you want to be sure that you need this specific service. Here are some alarming signs that require only professional help.

  • Bowing walls and uneven floor
  • Visible mould and mildew formation lead to a musty odour
  • Exposed framing and rotted wood of cabinets and doors
  • Discoloured wall paints and water stains
  • The appearance of white-chalky deposits
  • Metal fixture damage and rust
What is the Water Source?

Many homeowners wonder how the water enters your home. There are many different water sources. The most obvious ones are storm runoff or accumulated rainwater. Over time, excessive levels of condensation or humidity could be the reason for moisture buildup in your crawl space. The hydrostatic pressure of groundwater is a natural cause of unwanted water in the foundation and basement walls. 

Waterproofing 1

What is Exterior Waterproofing?

As the name tells you, it’s a service in which contractors waterproof your exterior home walls. It’s because he can’t fix the water damage from inside. This option is labour-intensive as soil excavation is required during setup. During this process, possible water entry points are sealed so that water doesn’t manage to get in.

In this method, technicians dig out the dirt and soil around your crawl space wall. A top-notch moisture barrier is applied with the installation of a well-designed dimple board. This board deflects water away from the foundation wall, thereby reducing water entry. This sealing aims to prevent structural crack transformation into big gaps and cover some foundation flaws. 

Once the wall is covered by sealant, dirt is filled back in the ground with gravel after repairing the drainage system. Inadequate or poorly installed drainage systems increase hydrostatic pressure on foundation walls and cause crack formation. When you hire the best foundation repair company in Indianapolis, experts make sure to minimize landscape distortion. 

What is Interior Waterproofing?

Exterior waterproofing is an expensive procedure. After inspecting your crawl space, experts may recommend making some changes inside that prevent water damage. In this method, they install a vapour barrier. Sometimes, humidity rises in the environment due to the unfinished floor of the crawl space. Water from soil evaporates in the space causing high humidity. With the application of solid plastic liners, you can prevent this issue cost-effectively.

Other interior waterproofing solutions are buying a dehumidifier, getting encapsulation services in Indianapolis, Installing a sump pump, or setting up a gravity discharge system. Only an Indianapolis crawl repair space expert can tell you what solution works great for your specific problem. 

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