Facts Why Kenya Remains a Top Safari Destination in Africa


There is not a doubt that the ultimate go-to continent for thrilling safaris and the ultimate vacation in Africa, which still retains a magical charm that solidifies its traces to the origin of humankind. The only problem that comes with planning a trip to Africa is that there are endless options to choose from, and it is easy to be lost for choice. This is expected considering that Africa has a total of 54 countries and by size is the second largest continent that is enhanced by the fact it thrives on great natural, cultural, and geographical diversity.

However, there is a reason why a safari in Kenya should be at the top of your bucket list, regardless of whether it is your first time to the continent or umpteenth. While the list of reasons to visit Kenya is an extensive list, here are the top factors:

1. It presents the chance for a raw safari experience

It presents the chance for a raw safari experience
The fun of a safari is to immerse yourself in the wild and become one with nature – a core strength of Kenya as it is never short of exciting options to make each moment breathtaking. It is proudly home to varied wildlife and has been a popular destination for nature enthusiasts, conservationists, and researchers that want to unravel the puzzle of Mother Nature. Just recently a rare black leopard was spotted in Kenya, which is an extra plus to the endless offerings of the country.

2. All year adventure

All year adventure
Most tourists are interested in finding out the best time to travel to their chosen destination, and for Kenya, the answer is pretty much any time. As a year-round travel destination, all seasons offer a unique and fascinating perspective of this magnificent wildlife destination. That said, when you decide to travel will largely depend on what experience you’re wanting to have. Depending on the parks you are expecting to visit, seasoned safari operators are always a source of reliable information for a customized package.

3. The great migration

The great migration
A safari story about Kenya without mention of the Great Migration is half-complete, and few things are comparable to watching this grand spectacle. This natural wonder takes place annually and sees thousands of wildebeests accompanied by zebras, gazelles, and impalas make their way across the crocodile-infested Mara River. It is primarily a move in the search for better grazing grounds and is an action-packed event that will forever remain memorable.

4. Luxurious safari services

Luxurious safari services
There is more than getting out in the wild when on safari and the most memorable package is one that caters for all your needs right from the start. Kenya is a pacesetter when it comes to providing all its visitors with the best of services that include top-rated accommodation options, professionally managed camps and lodges, and friendly locals who will double the fun. A visit to the country is, therefore, a platform for getting to do more than watch wildlife but have a cultural experience which will see you visit the country over and over again.