A Comprehensive Guide to Buying Lingerie Online

A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO BUYING LINGERIE ONLINE Welcome to the world of online lingerie; if you are new to this world, then don’t worry; we will guide you to the finish line.  We are sure that there are people who give preference to comfort more than to sensual appeal or

How to Choose an Engagement Ring for the Woman Who Seems To Have Everything

HOW TO CHOOSE AN ENGAGEMENT RING FOR THE WOMEN WHO SEEMS TO HAVE EVERYTHING It is probably one of the most challenging things a man has to do in his life, choosing his bride-to-be’s engagement ring, but when your partner is a woman that seems to have everything, this makes

Fashion Tips to Look Festive and Stylish This Navratri

FASHION TIPS TO LOOK FESTIVE AND STYLISH THIS NAVRATRI The festive season is on the cards. With Navratri approaching, you must be wondering what new ethnic looks to try for the celebrations. After all, Navratri is not only about fasting and enjoying delicious meals, but it’s also the time to

Tips For Acquiring Vintage Omega Watches

TIPS FOR ACQUIRING VINTAGE OMEGA WATCHES If you are a lover of luxury vintage watches, you certainly wouldn’t be alone, as many men strive to add to their growing collection, providing the right fashion accessories. Aside from Rolex, perhaps the best-known watch company is Omega SA, a Swiss luxury watchmaker

Aviator Sunglasses: How It All Began

AVIATOR SUNGLASSES: HOW IT ALL BEGAN When we think of sunglasses, the Aviator would be one of the first images our minds would conjure up, and this inimitable style was created by Bausch & Lomb in 1936, with a design specifically for military pilots, hence the name Aviator. Chunky flying

Styling Tips for Classic Trench Coats

STYLING TIPS FOR CLASSIC TRENCH COATS Trench coats are a timeless woman clothing that have transitioned and are here to stay. Even though newer and trendy trench coats hit the runway, classic trench coats are meant for prolonged use. Classic trench coats tend to come in earth tone colours like

Holiday Hair and Makeup Tips for Busy Girls (Looking Gorgeous Was Never This Easy!)

HOLIDAY HAIR AND MAKEUP TIPS FOR BUSY GIRLS (LOOKING GORGEOUS WAS NEVER THIS EASY) The holidays can be a busy, stressful whirlwind. You have to buy gifts, clean and decorate the house, attend reunions and functions, prepare for potlucks and parties. How does a girl get all that done, and

Beauty Tips and Tricks

BEAUTY TIPS AND TRICKS Knowing that you look great is a wonderful feeling. But getting to that point every day can be exhausting. Some days we feel like we “have it,” and other days we don’t. And, even on the good days, running through a full beauty routine every day

How to Dress for a Job Interview

HOW TO DRESS FOR A JOB INTERVIEW The old adage says to dress for the job you want, not the one you have. And while that old adage can still ring true today, it is possible to be overdressed for an interview. No matter if you’re going on an interview

Stride Into The Successful Online T-shirt Business

STRIDE INTO THE SUCCESSFUL ONLINE T-SHIRT BUSINESS The best way to grow a business empire without investing a lot of money or space for inventory is by starting an online business. With a shoestring budget, you can be the toppermost of the poppermost if you have the right skills of

Your Lingerie is the Leading Determining Factor of Your Sensuality

YOUR LINGERIE IS THE LEADING DETERMINING FACTOR OF YOUR SENSUALITY Female lingerie is important to choose from. Every woman requires a different kind of lingerie, and the women are built different and hence, according to their body shape, they can choose their lingerie too. Lingerie is now the single most

Benefits of Leather Bags

BENEFITS OF LEATHER BAGS One could spend any amount for buying the products which look royal and attractive! Women put a lot of efforts into being different and trying something unique. You must have a look at leather bags. They have a completely different looking surface and material. This is