Feng Shui in the kitchen: tips to create more harmony

The kitchen is not only where we store and prepare our food, but often it is also the space where we feed and gather with family and friends. So thinking about the Feng Shui from the kitchen is very important! Create an environment full of harmony and promote prosperity in your home with these tips.

Feng Shui in the kitchen: where to start?

Feng Shui is a Chinese ancient technique that aims to balance the energy of environments and promote harmony, prosperity and happiness. It is possible — and recommended — to apply it to all environments of the house, but the kitchen is one of the most important spaces for this technique.

If you haven’t started building your kitchen yet, or if you’ve already decorated it and don’t want to make too many changes, know that there are basic steps you can take to improve the energy of this environment. Before buying a new refrigerator or changing the stove, worry about the essential steps:

  • Always keep the kitchen clean, organized and ventilated.
  • Never leave cabinet doors open.
  • Don’t leave the trash can in sight.
  • Keep brooms and mops stored in cabinets.
  • Throw away foods that have passed the expiration date.
  • Replace broken or damaged items.

Do you want to go further? So let’s look at some important care when setting up and decorating your kitchen.

Choose the most suitable colours

Choosing the colour of the walls, tiles and furniture in your kitchen is a very important step. In addition to your personal taste, you need to take into account what each colour represents and conveys and how they can contribute to the Feng Shui of the kitchen.

White, for example, is a popular option for this space because it represents purity and cleanliness and blends well with other colours. Gray is also a good addition because it represents balance and conflict resolution.

If you want to dare a little more in the colours and materials chosen, consider the balance of the five elements of Feng Shui: earth, water, wood, fire and metal. As the kitchen already contains the elements water (sink) and fire (stove), it is interesting to try to balance them with the other elements. Metal and wood can be present, as well as colours linked to the earth element: brown, yellow and orange. Green, attached to wood, is also a good option.

Stove: take care of your prosperity

The stove represents your prosperity and your resources to win in life. Therefore, it should always be clean and up-to-the-day maintenance. Moreover, all stove mouths should be used also.

To always be in control of your life, it is ideal that you can see the kitchen door when you are cooking. If it is not possible to change the position of the stove, use a mirror in the decoration. The mirror is also beneficial to reflect the stove mouths and attract plenty to the house.

In addition to hindering your prosperity, it is recommended that the sink does not stand next to the stove. So the water element won’t “put out” the fire from your kitchen.

Invest in lighting

Good lighting is essential for feng shui from the kitchen. Light can balance the “chi” energy: an essential force that needs to flow smoothly through the spaces. Ideally, the kitchen will receive plenty of natural light and also have several points of artificial light for when night comes.

If your kitchen is dark, opt for light colours, add mirrors to your décor, and invest in wall lamps to create new points of light.

Add plants, vegetables and fruits

If you have space in your kitchen, create a small vegetable garden or include plants in the décor. The best places to place them are:

  • between the stove and the sink;
  • between the stove and the dishwasher;
  • near the refrigerator.

This addition of the wood element brings balance, freshness and joy to the space. It is also recommended to always have fresh vegetables in the fridge and a fruit bowl with fruit in the kitchen. They are items that promote abundance and prosperity.

Now that you know how to use Feng Shui in the kitchen to balance the energy of the environment and promote prosperity and happiness in your home, just apply this knowledge. Don’t waste your time!