Find Out The 5 Most Popular Edge Profiles For Marble Worktops

Marble Worktops

Edge profiling is a critical aspect when it comes to designing kitchen worktops. If the finishing of the edges in your worktop are not up to the mark, you won’t get the feeling that you are looking for in the result. For more information, read on!

Marble has been used as a surfacing material by the civilised society since time immemorial. Not only the material can stand strong against the elements, but it also can hold on to its aesthetics even after years of use. Therefore, marble was extensively used by the Egyptians, the Romans and the Greeks amongst many others. Marble was used in both construction and decoration. It was widely seen in palaces, temples and important building. In addition, marble was, and it is still widely used in the construction of monuments and sculptures.

In the first place, marble looks stunning. It is available in hundreds of different colours, patterns and thicknesses. Also, you can choose marble in different finishes. Honed marble and polished marble are the most popular. Although you can also choose finishes such as satin and leather amongst others. The type of finish of the marble may change its appearance completely. Similarly, the different features will help you in creating original features and designs in your home or office.

You can customise your kitchen with any type of marble worktop. If you are looking for originality, marbleis available with impressive edge profiles that include diverse coating and cuts. The finishing of the marble edge provides the final touch to any design and adds personality and sophistication to any room.
Here are the five most popular edge profiles for kitchen marble worktops which will bring an elegant look to your kitchen:

Bevel edge – There are varied types of design styles which are possible with a bevel edge profile. A Bevel edge (also known as chamfer), is a 2mm or 3mm flat top edge which is placed at an angle. This type of edge is very popular in kitchens with minimalistic and modern designs, as it keeps symmetry and clean lines across all worktops.
Bevel edge
Pencil edge – It is the most popular edge among interior designers and homemakers alike because it has the texture of a soft pencil-like edge design. It proves to be less prone to chipping under accidental impact and is easy to clean too. Due to its curved corners, it becomes easier to work with when dealing with sealant along the front curved edge. Despite having a curved top, the roundness is so small that most times it remains practically invisible. This helps the pencil edge being popular not only in modern designs but in traditional properties too.
Pencil edge
Bullnose edge – It can be availed in three different degrees of cuts and shapes, making it suitable for any type of designs.-See below the different types of Bullnose edging that can be chosen for any kitchen worktop-.

    • Half bullnose edge: It is the best fit for home use where the top surface is flat and smooth. The curve steep edges will give protection when the children are running in the room. The cleaning process proves to be effortless too. The main feature of a half bullnose edge is that its roundness stops half way down. This ensures the worktops remain symmetry at the bottom, which may come handy if working with flat cabinets and handless kitchen door units.

Half bullnose edge

    • Semi bullnose edge: It is just like the previous one, but the main difference is in the curve. Here the bottom part of the curve is more bounded to the remaining part of the body. Semi Bullnose edges on marble are very popular too as they help in displaying the pattern in a full-body manner. These type of edges are popular in bathrooms , utility rooms and other areas in interiors.

Semi bullnose edge

    • Full bullnose edge: It is most used in kitchen countertops.When designing a full-length table, it is a great option too, as it is fully curved on its edges. This makes a table top looks magnificent and grand without having to take much effort to achieve it. Marble is visually striking and with no more than a well-made bullnose edge; it will turn heads of family, friends and onlookers.

Also, it can be used as a bar table in your living room or as a salad station in your kitchen. As it gives a royal look, people get recommendations from UK based designers. In case you are thinking of purchasing marble worktop in London make sure it has a full bullnose edge profile for best results.
Full bullnose edge
Mitred Edge – This edge creates a continuous edge at the upper side of the marble countertop. It also creates a secondary part of the stone that results in a speciality edge or to join a panel like a waterfall. The mitred seam permits the structure to pack from the vertical face to the horizontal face. They can be used to hide the foundation structure underneath the kitchen island or to make easy alterations between different level bar tops. Since mitred edges are jointed internally, they provide the impression that your kitchen worktops are thick and chunky. Also, since the edge is a front strip that is glued internally, a mitred edge allows you to choose your worktops in many thicknesses. Mitred edges are very popular in kitchen islands, wrap around island and in applications of bar counters. A mitred edge adds luxury and opulence to the marble worktops taking aesthetics to a whole new level.
Mitred Edge
Eased edge – These types of edges are found in old homes and have a traditional look adhered to it. A bit of eased or totally eased edges are in demand in lately. This edge profile works best with marble worktop in the UK and the results are stunning, to say the least. It helps in achieving a softer look to the worktop by erasing any sharpness of shapes form its edges. Eased edge worktops are also popular in modern designs that want to keep things simple. Less is more, is the main premise of any eased edge countertop.
 Eased edge
Now that you know the top five popular edge profiles for marble worktops, select the best one according to your budget and preference. If you have already started using any one of the above, feel free to share your experience with us