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A house in the French style is the dream of any romantic. The originality of Parisian design inspires. It is able to breathe freshness and lightness into any interior. As we all know that french style house is very famous all over the world and I also like french style house for me that’s my dream house. Many projects wanted to show you the basic principles on which this unique direction is based. Ready to go to France? Let’s go!

What does a French-style house look like? Distinctive features of architecture (with photo)

Not all of us can boast that we have a house in France somewhere among the lavender fields or on the coast of the Seine… But it is possible to convey the spirit and mood of Paris if you arrange the facade of a private house and its interior accordingly.

So, by what architectural signs do they recognize the French style? Well, first of all, the house should be spacious and bright enough. Windows are large, with many partitions, often arched or panoramic. (More information about French windows here.

This style was formed for more than one century. The influence of different historical epochs is felt. Old French houses have absorbed the features.

  • Romanesque era. This is the period of the XI – XII centuries, when there was an active construction of churches and castles. Hence the dome vaults, round arches, various architectural ornaments.
  • Gothic era. This is a later period, the formation of which ended closer to the XV-XVI century. The symbol of the Gothic is a lancet arch.
  • Renaissance (XVI – early XVII century). Here are the columns, the pilasters. The facades are strictly symmetrical, decorated with patterns.
  • Rococo era (XVIII – XIX centuries). From this historical period, the French style took elegance, refinement, an abundance of decorative elements.

It should be noted that there are three main architectural trends a la France:

  • chateau;
  • Provence;
  • Norman style.

Here’s what the implemented projects of houses in the French style look like.

Impressive, isn’t it? Here and arched windows, and elements of Gothic – in a word, fabulously beautiful.

If you plan to build a house on a country plot, think over some interesting projects in the French style. Here are ideas for inspiration. In such houses, similar to real castles, it seems, and today live princesses, kings and queens.

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