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Fun Wedding Reception Ideas For 2020

Every couple planning to get wed in 2020 wants to tie the knot in a romantic and unique way. A wedding day that is a happy, joyous and memorable occasion for everyone requires careful planning. The big day needs to incorporate a variety of fun elements to ensure that family and friends are enchanted and entertained, from the start of the wedding ceremony to the end of the wedding reception.

Not all of your guests will receive personalised wedding invitations that request the pleasure of their company at both the wedding ceremony and the reception. The reception, however, is where everyone on your guest list will mix and mingle, and have fun at the party of the year!

Decorate The Reception Venue In 2020 Style

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Choose a delightful wedding theme that allows you to decorate the reception venue in a fashionable 2020 style. On-trend wedding colours are vibrant and bold and include warm sunny shades of coral, orange and gold to complement the cooler tone of classic blue – Pantone’s colour of the year.

If you prefer pastels, choose a cocktail of purple-hued colours like lilac and lavender, blushing pinks and minty green.

Go to town with the décor and add beautiful floral centrepieces to each table, and complementary accents and accessories throughout the room.

Encourage Guests To Mingle

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Forget the traditional seating plan, and instead, offer your guests an opportunity to mingle by arranging the reception room tables in a flexible layout. Communal u-shaped or circular groupings of tables encourage guests to get to know each other. The aesthetic furniture arrangement also alters the vibe in the room.

If you’re having an outdoor wedding reception, in the spring or summer, take full advantage of the extra space that you have available, and line up the seating plan in a winding serpentine fashion.

Impress Your Guests With Attention To Detail

Give each guest an escort card that allows them to choose where they want to sit, on a particular numbered table. Once seated, your guest can exchange the escort card for a signature cocktail and a delicious bite-size amuse-bouche. It’s a classy touch to pair your drinkables and edibles to match and complement your wedding theme – champagne and oysters for a formal and posh affair, tequila shots and sliders for casual and rustic, and so on…

Mix It Up At The Bar

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Your personalised wedding invitations request the pleasure of the company of your guests at a lively and fun reception that you don’t want them to forget in a hurry. To upscale the event, consider hiring the service of a professional mixologist, in addition to the usual bar staff. Not all of your guests will want to sip on the drinks that they always opt for at every social occasion. Some guests may want a more experiential drinking experience at your fun wedding reception. A mixologist has expert cocktail making skills and an imaginative approach to serving alcoholic and alcohol-free beverages at your reception.

It’s also fun to offer a selection of self-serve refreshments at a drinks station. Set up a mini bar for the drink that most complements your wedding theme – champagne, prosecco, chilled beer or sangria, and invite your guests to help themselves.

Revamp The Buffet Table

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Presenting your wedding reception food in an original and creative way instantly transforms the overall party experience for your guests. If you’re serving buffet food, instead of a traditional sit-down meal, it’s worth taking the time to arrange the food in an appealing manner on stylishly modern sharing boards and platters. Serve up tasty smorgasbord treats to delight your foodie friends, and impress guests that always stick to their favourite foods at any event by offering familiar flavours with a twist.

Finish off a classic sit-down meal with a dessert or cheese board that is placed in the centre of each table so that guests can share and serve themselves.

You can also set up a few food trucks on the sidelines so that guests can munch on party foods to soak up the alcohol throughout the night.

Provide Fun & Interactive Entertainment

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Transform your wedding reception into an unforgettable occasion by providing plenty of interactive options to keep your guests happy and entertained. One of the most popular and fun ideas for 2020 is the inflatable moon bounce. Your guests won’t be able to resist jumping up and down for joy in the white, cloudlike oversized bounce house that is similar to a children’s bouncy castle.

The popular selfie station promises to deliver lots of fun in 2020. Provide an assortment of interesting and intriguing themed props to encourage your guests to have a go at striking a pose in front of the camera.

For an outdoor wedding reception, it’s a great idea to set up a variety of popular lawn games for guests to play in the afternoon and evening. Life-size Chess, Jenga and Connect 4 will appear to your most competitive guests. Alternative, have a board game station so that guests can pick and choose what classic multi-player game they most want to try their luck at.

Children already know just how much fun a piñata at a party can be. Give your adult guests an opportunity to find out, by getting a giant piñata that is shaped like a heart or a wedding cake. Let guests take turns at swinging the baton to win the goodies inside.


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