If you are halfway through your home renovation and the bedroom is next on the list, you have come to the right place. Here are a few innovative ways that can help you transform your bedroom into a luxury living space.

Invest In A Four-Poster Bed

The ultimate in bedding, the four-poster bed is a major feature for any bedroom; you can add some lace screens to give an Olde Worldie look and turn your boudoir into a period living area. Search online for products and prices and you will find a few retail outlets that have a range of four-poster beds of various sizes.

Give Your Bedroom A New Look 1

Cork Flooring

The most luxurious flooring of all, cork offers a soft and silent walking experience. Get yours from the reputable cork flooring suppliers Sydney or homeowners in your city go, and you can start transforming your bedroom. Cork is an eco-friendly flooring solution. The cork trees are harvested every 9 years, which does not harm the tree, so no trees have been felled to provide you with the best flooring for the master bedroom.

Antique Furniture

It is trendy to mix old and new and you could search for some period bedroom furniture that would take pride of place in your master bedroom. A couple of Victorian wall lamps and a Georgian chest of drawers would definitely make the room warm and inviting, plus the antiques appreciate in value. There are online antique dealers where you can browse many authentic antique pieces and should you wish to have a private viewing, the dealer can arrange to meet you at their business premises. If you do have a four-poster, this is a great feature and you can add a couple more antiques to complete the look.

Made To Measure Blinds

There are many styles of blinds that might be suitable for your decor and with a quick Google search, you can view the entire range. Make an appointment for a technician to visit your home and he can measure up for a quote. You could order bespoke blinds for the entire house, and that would be the perfect screening solution for your home. Styles include Roman, vertical and pleated blinds; the supplier can show you fabric samples for each style and he can quote for the project.

Built-In Wardrobes

Why not talk to a local joiner about building wardrobes into the recesses, which makes best use of available space? You can choose a suitable timber and let the craftsman design and build the perfect set of walk-in wardrobes, which will be a major feature of any bedroom. You can design the unit to have the right storage drawers, including a space for your footwear; mirrored doors make for the perfect finish.

Give Your Bedroom A New Look 2

There are many ways to upgrade a bedroom and the above ideas are just a few ways to bring a little luxury to your boudoir. Crunch the numbers and see what kind of budget you have to spend on the project to transform your master bedroom.