How Does Basement Waterproofing Increase Home Value?


When selling or renting your house, the buyers and real estate agents look into several different matters. All of these collectively decide the value and worth of your house. Basements have always been an addition to a home’s net worth, as it provides space for storage and laundry. But if your basement is waterproof correctly, it becomes much more preferable. 

Here are a few attributes that back a house with a waterproof basement more valued with one having a damp and humid basement.

Lower Energy Bills

Though you might have not installed air conditioners in your basement, still the condition of your basement will affect your energy bills. A damp and humid basement will require more energy to maintain a higher temperature in the winter. More power will be consumed, and hence, you will have to pay higher bills. 

Other than that, the cracks also leak heat through the walls. All these conditions render your house valueless. A waterproof basement is free of such issues and hence, buyers will value your home more.

Space that can be used aptly

A non-waterproof basement does provide some extra space. But due to the sterile environment, you can hardly use the space for storage and laundry. The dampness and humidity make the space unfit for any other use. But if you spend some amount on waterproofing your basement, you will be left with several different options.

You can turn the dusky basement with some cleaning and interior changes into a play area. You won’t have to take your children to any parks or other places. They enjoy to their fullest in your very own basement. Other than that, a waterproof basement can serve as an exceptional workspace. You can also go for a study area, a guest room, or anything else that comes to your mind.

Basement Waterproofing1

Protects your foundation too

Apart from protecting your basement, waterproofing will safeguard your foundation too. Sounds crazy? It might, but it is actually true. Water is dangerous for both the basement and the foundation. Water seeping into the foundation weakens it and results in many other disastrous effects. 

Foundation is the base of all the structural integrity. When you spend money to protect this focal point, it increases the value of your house in the eyes of buyers. You will get much better money than that without basement waterproofing Marietta.

Improved appearance

Water seeping into the walls of your basement results in many unpleasant effects. From peeled paint, cracked walls to foul smells, everything feels unappealing. A buyer visiting your house would definitely not like to see such a place. 

Waterproofing the basement improves the clear view of your house. Other than the view, the whole vibe of the basement is shifted from unpleasant to a pleasant one. 

A person spending huge amounts to buy a house won’t mind spending a little more to buy an attractive house. A waterproof basement will surely push the buyers to a little above the normal price.