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How the Cylinder Liner is Important in Industry

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A cylinder liner is basically a type of hard metal cylinder that is thin-walled and is inserted inside the block of the engine in which the piston actually works. The first type is the gasoline engines, which has the disadvantage of not being replaceable. When excessive wear appears in the block of this type, then the cylinder needs to be honed or rebored.

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There are three general classifications of the Cylinder liner India. These are:-

  • Dry Liner

These type of cylinder liners carry thin walls. The reason for the name is that coolant that circulates through the passages in the block does not come in touch with the block.

  • Wet Liner

In this classification, they do not have any integral coolant passages, the water jacket is created using the liner along with a different jacket that is also a part of the block. One of the static seals is given on both the combustion as well as the crankshaft end of the liner to so that the leakage can be prevented in the coolant.

  • Finned liner

They are constructed of the same type of heat and impurity-resistant metals. This type of liner is designed for an air-cooled engine, and in operation works much like the dry liner in the fact the coolant medium used in the liner is air. These liners get filled using some tiny fins that allow the inflowing air to release from them with a huge power that gives cooling.


The main function of the liner to create the top of the chamber along with providing a surface for the rings to seal and a cylinder that will guide the piston in a vertical position. The main aim of the liner is to offer a reliable cylinder in a normally softer cylindrical block. Specialized cylinder liners also called sleeves can also repair both damaged and worn iron blocks.

Material used

They are generally produced with the help of high-quality material to that which was used to make the cylindrical block. Generally, the block is build using the cast iron while the liner is made from cast iron that is usually alloyed using Cr, Va, and Mb.

Cylinder liner is an important part of the engine or pump which is also used to prevent the compressed gas and combustion gas from leaking outside. They play an important role in the working of the engine and a careful check needs to be done on the pressure and temperature under which they are operating.

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