How to Buy Quality Steak From The Market?


What is a continental menu that doesn’t include steak? Vegetarian! Well if you’re a foodie and you love meat, then you’ve tasted some of the best steak recipes at continental restaurants. If you’re a restaurateur, you’d know how crucial it is to buy the right kind of steak to serve the best to your customers. Here, we are going to give you some of the tips to buy the best steak for your eatery.

How to buy a steak?

Experts have often found it tough to choose the right meat product from the market. This is usually because avoiding the tips to buy steak can pose significant dangers to health. A lot of shop owners give away rotten steak to customers who aren’t aware of. It not only puts the restaurant’s reputation at stake, but you can also lose your licenses.

1. Choose the right steak for the proper meal

Grilling Strip Loin Steak Series: Raw Meat
It doesn’t matter where you get your steak from, what matters is how you will be using it. It is necessary to understand what steak you need for what meal. This contributes to making the shopping process more comfortable. If you are confused about the process, you can ask the appointed butchers. They know everything about steaks and will be able to help you with the best. If you have experience and knowledge about buying steaks, you will be able to make the right decision.

2. Learn about the cuts

If you want to have the best cuts, your aim should be to understand the anatomy of the cow. The steak is prepared from different parts of the body, and once you can distinguish between them, you will be able to make the right choice. What steak you want depends on the body part you will be getting it from.

The chuck in the front shoulder area, the rump is the back and loin are middle areas. Chuck usually has the tougher meat, which makes it suitable for preparing stews. When making tender steak, you need to choose tenderloin or from the short loin area. You should understand the parts so that you don’t get cheap steak for a higher price.

3. Buy the best quality

Buy the best quality
When people are given a choice between lean steak and prime steak, people usually choose the lean one. However, when you’re offering the best quality of meat to your customers, you need to consider the prime steak option.

It is important to note that prime steak usually has a juicy and tender flavour. Undoubtedly, it has the best texture. But then the question arises, whether or not you can afford it. If you cannot afford it, it is okay to opt for the average quality, because they are equally tasty. Prominent restaurants like Ray’s on the River can give you the real taste of prime steak.

4. Buy steak from butcher’s corner

Not all of us have the time to visit the butcher to get the meat. As a result, we visit supermarkets to purchase pre-packed steak. However, experts suggest buying steak from the butcher’s counter as much as possible. This lessens the risks of various diseases.

Moreover, when buying from the butcher’s corner, you will be able to make a difference in how your steak is being prepared. Also, butchers may help you understand which part of flesh will be the best for what kind of dish.

The pre-packed ones may look good, but you don’t have an idea of how fresh they are. Also, pre-packed meats are costly. Therefore, you are suggested to be a little considerate about the choices.

5. Check the colour of beef

Check the color of beef
There is a significant difference in the colour of meats of grass fed and grain fed beef. The ones that are grass fed have a darker colour than the grain fed ones. The freshly cut meats have a better appearance than the hard ones. However, when these are oxidized, they may turn bright red.

Unwrapped beef isn’t risky, but it is still better to avoid them since they are oxidized. If the butcher is offering you brownish red meat, it is better to prevent it. You should choose the cherry red steaks as they have a better taste and flavour. Moreover, they are cheaper than the other ones as well. Apart from the colour, the odour of the beef matters as well.

Final thoughts

Raw steak is readily available in the market for affordable rates. You can thoroughly research the market to find the best for yourself. Moreover, if you contact one reliable butcher in the market, you will always get to buy fresh ones from them.

Restaurants need a lot of meat to have enough for their customers every day. It is better you find a quality butcher who can supply you the exact quantity of meat you need.