How to Choose an Engagement Ring for the Woman Who Seems To Have Everything


It is probably one of the most challenging things a man has to do in his life, choosing his bride-to-be’s engagement ring, but when your partner is a woman that seems to have everything, this makes it even more challenging. Just any ring will not do, far from it, and for such an important event like an engagement, bespoke design is most appropriate.

Custom Jewellers

Many people are under the misapprehension that bespoke jewellery is very expensive when it actually costs no more than a ring on the shelf of the jewellery store. If you would like to talk to a custom jeweller to get an idea on how much the design you want would cost, they would happily help you out. You get to choose every aspect of the ring design from the stones to the setting and everything in between.

Argyle Pink Diamonds


How about a stunning pink halo diamond ring? If you want nothing but the best for your special woman, then Argyle pink diamonds are the most sought-after stones in the world and the custom jeweller can source the very best loose Argyle diamonds Australia has at trade prices no less! If you live elsewhere and you’d rather get the stones near your location, you can easily find a reputable jeweller in your area through a Google search. The jeweller would sit down with you in their studio and they would discover your design ideas, then create a design based upon your concept.

Involve Her In The Design Process

If you want to be 100% certain that she loves the ring, you should involve her in the design process, which means you will have to forego the surprise factor, but at least you will be sure that the ring design works. Many couples prefer to consult a custom jeweller about the engagement ring design, as they want to be sure the ring is exactly as they would like it, and for such an important occasion, bespoke design is the best way forward.

Choosing The Metal

The choices include:

It is possible to combine these metals, which really does look stunning and if you ask the custom jeweller, they can show you some fine examples of mixed metal diamond engagement rings.

Black Diamonds

What better way to impress the woman who seems to have it all? Black diamonds are rare and you can find in Brisbane unique engagement rings that sport these precious gems. You can consult with your local custom jeweller, and they can acquire loose black diamonds and help you to design the perfect black diamond engagement ring. Start by browsing existing designs to see if there is anything that hits the spot and if not, then you can start from scratch and build the design around the black diamonds.

A Unique Ring For A Unique Woman


There’s only one way to please the woman who seems to have everything and that is a bespoke design diamond engagement ring, which is truly a one-off created especially for the occasion. It is often the case where such a ring turns into a family heirloom and is handed down from generation to generation.