How to choose the ideal frame size for each room in the house

The paintings are decoration details that look good in any house, from the most rustic to the most minimalist. In addition to giving an extra touch, they also show your personality to any visit that enters your home. Buying frames is fun but also an overwhelming process because there are MANY frame sizes.

With so much choice and considering that you have to insert these paintings in a living room, kitchen or bedroom already with furniture and a defined décor, you may feel that you need a little help. To help you, we’ll show you which frame sizes work best in every room in your home.

Living room

The living room is one of the places where you will spend more time resting and so you have to have a beautiful view. It’s the space where you can bet on the combination of different frame sizes.

If your room is large, you can buy frames larger than 120 cm x 80 cm and combine them with smaller ones of 60 x 40 cm.

Is your décor inspired by vintage/retro? If so, put as many frames together as you want and play at ease. You can place the smaller frames vertically and give a new dynamic to your room that will certainly complement your type of décor.


The paintings are perfect for decorating a kitchen, however, in this space, you should not put so many pictures, unlike the room, so as not to hinder your day-to-day tasks.

In the kitchen, a smaller number of paintings are valued and also paintings with simpler patterns related to cooking and nature.

On the wall of your kitchen, you can hang, for example, two frames with 40 x 30 or only one larger than 90 cm x 60 cm.


This is another resting space that looks completely different with a certain size frame.

In the room, it is perfect only a vertical frame above the bed with a size 70 x 70 cm. Another option is to hang a frame with the same dimension over a dresser, on a wall that has no windows.

If your room is large, you are allowed to choose vertical and horizontal frames of various sizes and use your imagination.

As you can see, the sizes of the frames you choose will depend on the room where you’re going to hang them and the type of decoration. The important thing is not to be afraid to take a chance. If you want to combine paintings, you can hang them little by little and see what works.

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