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How to Choose the Right Real Estate Agent for You

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There are number of decisions you have to make before selling your home and one of the most important decision is to choose who is going to sell it for you. Choosing the right real estate agent ensures that you will get the best result possible for your property.

Every real estate agent has different approach in selling a house but here are some key points you need to do before looking for a real estate agent.

1. Do your research


Always remember that anything that has to do with property, research is key.

McGrath St Kilda Principal Michael Townsend says “Metrics like average days on market or auction clearance rates are incredibly important when selecting your agent. They give a clear insight into what it’s like to work with that agent, and what to expect from that outcome.”

In order to choose the right real estate agent, you first have to do your research and shortlist them. You should compare each real estate agent’s previous sales, how many listings they have and how they market the properties.

2. Go for local knowledge

Before choosing the real estate agent, you need to find out their local knowledge and that how much time they have worked in the area. They need to have a really good knowledge of the marketplace. By doing so, you are giving yourself peace of mind and ensuring that the agent has good knowledge about the place and its locality which means that they are invested in the local area which means that they put extra effort in selling your house. Real estate agents such as Noosa real estate agent have good local knowledge.

3. Take them for a test drive

Your agent is going to sell your house to the public so it’s important to see how they engage with buyers and you can do so by going on the projects, your shortlisted agents are currently working on to see how they interact with buyers. Most of the decisions buyers make when buying a property are emotional so the agent should know what buyers are going to respond to. You should look for an agent who can engage and nurture buyers because that agent will be respectful towards the buyers and their relationship will be transparent.

4. Ask a lot of questions


You should remember that in order to be prepared for the sales campaign you need to know more and for that, you need to ask a lot of questions.

Ask agents all sorts of things related to the sale of your property. Ask them why they use certain approaches and which approach will be the best for your property and why. Ask them to tell you about their previous sales and how the sales happened.

By doing so, you will get to know the agent better and you won’t have to worry that much.

5. Make sure you are comfortable

This point is the most important, ‘Are you are comfortable with this real estate agent selling your house’.

You should ask this yourself because property sales are supposed to be a partnership between the agent and the vendor, both working together in order to achieve the same goal.


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