How to Choose Trendy and Latest Decorative Frames

How to Choose Trendy and Latest Decorative Frames


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Basic General tips

After placing all the main elements of the room, such as sofas, armchairs, racks, coffee tables or corners, it is important to think about the décor to give more personality to the environment and have a highlight in certain corners.

Therefore, opt for the paintings as an option to enhance the walls, whether in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, gourmet area, bathroom, staircase or even hallway.

Is there a rule?

Although it does not have many rules for using frames, some details are important. When hanging, it is important to leave them at eye level, preventing them from being placed too high.

For a person with 1.70 m, for example, the idea is that he is in the observation centre, which is 1.60 m from the floor.

Putting together a composition

The tip of the time is when the choice is to assemble a composition. It is important to consider all of them as if they were a single frame, tracing a horizontal and one vertical line as in the image below.

Does the frame or set not enter this rule? So there’s something wrong: they’re not compatible with the space you have! Of course, it is possible to do not comply with this rule, but first, it is important to analyze if the place will have a good aesthetic and if the picture will not get in the way of anything.

Another possibility in choosing the composition for this decorative item is to use two or more frames arranged next to each other that complement each other, forming a figure or phrase since they lead the eyes to go through them to understand the image completely.


Another tip on how to choose decorative frames when we think of a composition is to opt for varying sizes. In addition, the larger part needs to be more in the centre of the wall and the other around it for the field of view to receive a balanced amount of information.

In the living room

In the living room, try to use them as a way to complement the rest of the décor. A more minimalist style, for example, goes very well with more sober and presentable colours.


If you like a more modern style, geometric figures and abstract arts are great options.

In the bedroom

Always have the bed as a starting point. Usually, the frame in this room is used on the headboard part, but it is also possible to place them on the side wall that has no window or faces the bed.

The most common is to centre it next to some furniture, like the bed. But, you can also get out of the obvious and try a more deconstructed composition by putting it more left or right.


As the room is perhaps the place that most translates the personality of its owner, it is essential to combine the frame with the décor. A widely used style is that with words and phrases.


Depending on the font of the letter, they match virtually any age group or decorative style. As this model is well-cleaned, it is a perfect option not to leave the site too loaded.

In the kitchen

The best option for kitchens is those themed, with pictures of utensils, phrases or even drawings of some foods. Opting for something simpler will also make your environment more sophisticated.


How about using a blackboard like those very common in restaurants to have a more relaxed kitchen and put errands, recipes or whatever else you want?

It is possible to be a little more daring and take advantage of all the wall space for this.


Other rooms

Do you know that hallway that’s dull or the bathroom that’s missing a chan? The frames can be a great request! Especially those that refer to nature, such as paintings or photos of flowers.

But, don’t forget to combine this item with the decorating style of the rest of the house and the ambience.

Don’t you have a lot of room? No problem, because you can take advantage of any corner to fit your painting, photo or engraving.


In runners with reduced size, it is important to have a smaller number of frames, especially if the frames are very robust. An alternative is to make a composition with several of them, but with thinner and more discreet frames.

If your corridor is narrow, arrange them in a single row to have a more contemporary symmetry in place and not pass the feeling that the environment is too crowded and hindering aesthetics.


In addition, the use of frames in this location allows people to stop to enjoy the images. If you don’t want this to happen and they just go through it non-stop, choose to use detail with wallpaper or stickers.

How to choose the composition of decorative frames?

It is possible to have several combinations but be careful because it is necessary to analyze the environment before leaving putting any size or model since everything can end up getting disproportionate and not matching the style of the rest of the decoration.

If you choose a composition, keep in mind that it is essential to combine the colours very well so that everything is harmonious.

You can use analogous colours, which are those that are side by side and have a similarity of tone, contrast, and nuance. As is the case with red and wine, for example. In addition, you can choose to use complementary colours, which are those that are opposite in the chromatic circle, without any similarity of colour and tone. An example would be yellow and purple.


And which types can I choose?

There are several models on the market and it is even difficult to choose which one fits the most in your environment. It is possible to find paintings with landscapes, motivational phrases, abstract, animals and personalities, paintings and a multitude of other options. But there is no rule of which to choose because the ideal is the one that best matches the décor and that translates more to your personality.


It is not only that classic that was widely used in rooms, with images of actors and singers that the poster about. Today, it is possible to have this model with photos of landscapes, views of the city or some tourist spots. Although they have no frame, putting one will make you even more charming.


Glass frames

In this model, the image is printed directly on an acrylic plate. A nice idea is to put lights at the bottom of the frame so that it has a highlight in the decoration, generating a very beautiful effect.



The screens will leave your environment very sophisticated and unique. Mainly because the work is made by an artist and has specific traits that will leave, whatever the place, with its face and personality. Have you ever thought of entering a house and come across a work by Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Tarsila do Amaral or any other super famous painter?!

In addition to this option, a good choice is canvas canvases, which are made in 100% cotton fabric. This style is nothing more than a photographic print, but the feeling will be that you are seeing a hand-painted canvas.

So this is also an alternative to traditional screens, but without losing the sophistication and modernity of the environment.


Cork stoppers and caps

This is the ideal option mainly for your gourmet area. Besides being an excellent decorative option for more relaxed environments, these items are much more than that: each cap or stopper usually saves a story for those who like to collect them.

The most common material is the PDF with a glass lid on the front, which carries an impact phrase or something related to drinks, usually for wine and beer lovers. Oh! If you’re looking for something unique, there are still sites that customize the frame to your preference!


Decorative frames with frame x without frame: how to choose?

There is a very fine line between whether or not to place a frame on your frame. That’s because if you miss the choice, the painting may end up being devalued or taking all the focus off it if the ornament is too flashy.

Therefore, keep in mind that it is necessary to consider the decoration of the environment, the style of the painting and what aspects should be valued.

The golden frames, for example, are more evident and give an air of elegance through a vintage footprint to the environment.

The black colour is a more discreet option, but it loses nothing in elegance and modernity. The wooden frames are great for those who like a more rustic style and are seeking versatility to match the work.

In doubt, it is better to opt for a simpler and more discreet frame. The pass-part out (that white background that is around the work and followed by the glass) is an excellent tip to highlight the painting without taking any focus.

Although it combines with any style of decoration, this artifice is not good if the work does not have white among its elements, as this will not value the composition of the surroundings. In this situation, prefer to use another neutral tone that is present in the painting.