Highlight the natural glow of marble. Make it look like again for a long time. Well-tended marble stone surfaces provide beauty and elegance to your home. Cleaning the marble stone is also contributing to its conservation and durability. Before you start cleaning the marble, test a small area of the surface to be cleaned, read and follow the instructions on the product packaging and wear gloves to protect your hands.


A marble is a very porous surface that can easily become stained or damaged over time if it is in contact with liquids such as coffee, wine, and soft drinks. We propose below some homemade and safe solutions to clean the white marble, but that can also be applied to any other colour of marble.

How to clean white marble?

White marble is a very elegant and modern option for any space and decoration. You can find white marble on the floor, on the stairs, on the walls, in the kitchens, in the bathrooms, on the countertops, in the sinks and even outside the rooms. Due to its colour, it requires more care and more frequent cleaning.


If the problem is just dust or surface dirt, clean the white marble or any other colour, simply with water. For floors, use a well-run mop and then dry to prevent the marble from absorbing moisture and darkening. If it is another surface, use a soft, soft cloth.

If the marble is a little dirtier or has stains, use water and some mild soap.

If the marble has yellow spots, opt for baking soda. Mix it with water until you get a thick paste. Place the paste on the stain and leave it to act for at least two hours. For best results, cover the stain site with plastic to enhance the effect of the mixture. Then remove the paste and clean the surface. This paste, in addition to removing stains, also serves to give shine to the marble. For this, gently rub the paste over the marble, with the help of a cloth. You’ll see the effort will pay off.


Another option is to clean marble stone with hydrogen peroxide. Mix a serving of this product with water and apply the mixture directly on the marble. You do not need to dry but avoid excess liquid.

There is also on the market a wide variety of special products for cleaning marble stone. These products have ingredients that contribute to better maintenance of marble stone and are usually specific to certain areas of the house, such as bathrooms because the high humidity generated in this place is an area that requires special care. Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid incidents and achieve effective cleaning.


Please note that there are products that you should avoid when cleaning marble stone as they may damage this material, causing damage to surfaces or reducing its brightness. These are bleach, ammonia, vinegar or lemon or any other type of abrasive or very strong cleaning product, since marble stone absorbs substances with ease, and these products can leave deep and definitive marks on the stone. That is why cleaning the marble stone always requires redoubled care.

How to polish marble stone?

The idea is to polish the marble stone once or twice a year. The use of sparklers with oxalic acid contributes to returning the shine to the marble and eliminating oxidations of the surface. Before using this type of product, make sure that you have properly cleaned the marble stone and that you have eliminated all stains as we have previously advised. After polishing the surface, it is recommended to apply a product brightener by spraying or liquid wax. This will protect the material and keep the surfaces shiny for longer.