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How to combine multiple colours for a living room depending on the style

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You don’t like the colours of your living room very much and you’ve decided it’s time to change the colour of the walls, but you don’t quite know what colour matches the current furniture or the new style you want to adopt? Just stand there and finally pick out the new colour for your living room.

The living room is one of the spaces where we spend more time and a change of colour can really make all the difference, even can make your living room even bigger! The new colour of space that is so dear to you will depend on your preferred trend and the furniture of your home. Fool yourself who thinks that coloured chairs only match light colours.

Colours for timeless living room

If you like to change the chairs, sofas and tables in your living room often, opt for timeless wall colours like beige. Beige is an ink that always looks good and matches darker colours like orange and lighter ones like white

Colours for bright living rooms

People who prefer living rooms with lots of light should opt for a very common colour: white. In addition to giving the illusion of a larger living room and calling all light, white is the ideal ink for minimalist rooms with Scandinavian décor. This colour is anything but boring because it gives you the opportunity to use and abuse the décor and opt for furniture with wood colour, trend 2021-2022.

Colours for bold living rooms

Do you love strong colours like black or dark grey, but are you afraid your living room will get too charged? With the right living room colour combination, you don’t have to be afraid of anything! With darker wall colours you can go two ways:

  • If you like the black and white style, paint your living room with black paint and choose clear décor such as sofas, frames and white cabinets. Your living room is going to look beautiful, unique, and it’s not going to leave anyone indifferent.
  • Dark grey is also an excellent option if you have sofas with bold colours such as orange or yellow.

Colours for living rooms connected with nature

With the right décor, painting your living room with dark green will make you feel more connected to nature and more relaxed. Just choose the tone that suits you best and combine it with many or a few darker plants and furniture (wood colour or even black) with a classic and rustic design.)

Ready to choose the colour of your new room? If you still have questions, perhaps because the space of your room is smaller than you would like, check out our article with useful tips for colours of small interior walls.

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