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How to Create More Harmony in Your Baby’s Room

How to Create More Harmony in Your Baby’s Room

The Harmony in ancient art addresses the influence that the environment around us has on how we feel. Also, the baby’s room can be decorated according to feng shui principles to ensure a more relaxing and peaceful place. After all, if the baby sleeps well, the parents sleep too!

Choose baby’s room colours

The first step is to choose the predominant tones that will give colour to the room. Whether on walls, furniture or textiles, you should opt for soft shades such as water green, baby blue or light pink. Avoid warm tones such as yellow, orange and red, as they are colours of the element fire, which incite action and movement – not suitable, therefore, for a place that wants tranquillity and tranquillity.

One of the recommended tones for children’s rooms is water-green, as it symbolizes health, balance and growth. You can also choose earthy tones such as beige, brown, terracotta and yellow. These tones are associated with calm and security. When choosing furniture, bet on neutral colours and natural materials.

The positioning of the cradle

According to Feng Shui, the position of the bed (or, in this case, the crib) is crucial for the correct circulation of energies. The crib should not be placed in front of the entrance door or next to a window. The headboard should be against a wall and is preferably directed north.

Room lighting

During the day, privilege the sun as a source of natural lighting. Let the room receive clarity and light, but avoid placing the crib under direct sun exposure as it can have a negative effect on the baby’s energy and leave it agitated at bedtime.

For artificial lighting, avoid LED lights, as your cool light can be more uncomfortable and less welcoming. Prefer incandescent bulbs or, alternatively, make use of the lamps to create a quieter atmosphere.

Baby girl bedroom storage and decoration

In any room, less is more. The rooms, especially the smallest, want to be airy and spacious, so it is not advisable to exaggerate the amount of furniture and decoration accessories. However, as the baby grows, the room is no longer just a resting space and also becomes a play space and later study.

Create differentiated zones for each activity and keep storage aids close by boxes, baskets and bins can be of great use for storing toys, books, shoes… When your child has some autonomy, teach them to keep the room organized by tidying up the toys after using them.

Things to avoid

With children, all care is little. We are not only talking about Feng Shui and energies, but also safety rules that can make all the difference:

  • Avoid placing shelves on the crib or bed;
  • If you place carpets and curtains, air and wash them frequently;
  • Avoid placing the headof the bed next to electrical points;
  • Make sure the furniture is stable and securely attached to the wall.

Now that you’ve prepared the new family member’s room, it’s time to relax, rest and wait. A great adventure is about to begin!

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