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How to Decorate Your Room in Scandinavian Style

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If you think about what best characterizes the Scandinavian lifestyle, you will quickly understand how you have to decorate your living room: with lightness, harmony and the choice of light and pastel tones.

The Scandinavian style is undoubtedly one of the most coveted when it comes to interior decoration. This is because, in addition to bringing harmony to a space, it is also capable of making it wider.

The Scandinavian style, applied to the decoration, turns out to be a replica of the way of living of the population of the various countries that give it its name. The traditional decoration concept remains, but there is a great deal of concern with the organization, colours and materials chosen for every corner of the house.

If you’re looking for a tranquil environment that gives you a sense of peace every time you enter the house, then you’re in the right place. Learn how you can decorate your room according to Scandinavian style.

1. Prefer minimalism

Minimalism is one of the most cross-cutting trends today the truth is that it has been for decades. “Less is more”, and this is the maxim you should keep in mind to decorate your room following the Scandinavian style.

Of course, there are no defined rules for decorating a space according to this style, but there are some practices you can follow to do so. Preferring fewer decorative objects, fewer colours and mixing materials is, therefore, a great starting point. Just choose the furniture you actually.

2. Prefer light and pastel tones

This is not to say that you cannot in any way paint a wall in a darker shade, for example (or choose a piece of furniture of equal tone). Still, this should not be the most applied rule if you want to decorate your room in Scandinavian style.

The preference should be in the light and pastel tones, which more easily bring harmony to the space, giving a feeling of greater amplitude to it. You can complement this “base” with darker elements that contrast well with the environment you want to recreate, but keep in mind the exaggeration of colours and materials, something you should avoid as much as possible.

3. Don’t forget nature

Bring some natural elements inside. You don’t have to choose real plants or flowers if you don’t want (or can) keep them, not least because you can always opt for fake plants/flowers that are equally capable of ensuring the same feeling.

Once again, it is important that you do not forget at any time that you should give preference to minimalism. With this, we want to explain that it is important not to overdo the natural elements you choose for your room. Therefore, choose strategic locations where you could place plants/flowers discreetly and that, above all, does not affect the functionality and organization of the space.

4. White and Wood

Is not new: the combination of white and wood is one of the most classic and also one of the most chosen over time. In fact, wood is a material that complements very well a space painted in white as is the case in most Scandinavian rooms.

If this is an idea that pleases you, prefer the application of lighter woods instead of the dark ones, because only then can you preserve the harmony you are looking for. Of course, in this case, do not need to apply the wood only to furniture, as is the case of bookshelves or support furniture. You can (and should) choose 4 decorative elements in atrophy, for example, or even brown-hued blankets/cushions that you can land on the white sofa.

5. Pastel Shades Whatever

The colour you like best, it is certain that your pastel “version” will work best in the room you want to decorate in Scandinavian style. The truth is that we did not save this tip for the end for no apparent reason quite the contrary, because it should be applied in addition to those mentioned above.

With this, we want to explain that, pastel shades combine very well with a room decorated in light tones, such as white. Likewise, these tones also create a unique connection with the wooded tones that you chose to decorate your space and also with the minimalism with which you have made all your decisions.

At the time of starting to decorate your room in Scandinavian style, do not forget: “less is more”. It is preferable to opt for furniture and decorative elements simpler over others more “heavy”, which compromise the tranquillity that seeks so much.

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