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Dress for a Job Interview


How to Dress for a Job Interview

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The old adage says to dress for the job you want, not the one you have. And while that old adage can still ring true today, it is possible to be overdressed for an interview. No matter if you’re going on an interview for a part-time job while you’re still in school or a full-time job you really want to improve your career, you want to ensure you make the right statement. Here are tips to help you properly dress for your next job interview.

Subtle Clothing

Subtle Clothing
The best way to truly dress for an interview is to ensure you keep subtly as your main priority. While you may assume wearing colourful, printed blazers or loud pants will make you stand out—and it will—it’s not always the right move to make. Unfortunately, some interviewers may assume that you’re not taking the position seriously, and this will put you at a disadvantage. Instead, you want to ensure you wear subtle clothing. Think along the lines of black, blue and grey for the main colour of your pants, suits or shirts. Then, if you want to add in pops of colour with a tie, scarf or belt, that is acceptable.

Clean Clothing

Aside from just wearing subtle clothing, it’s also important the clothes you wear are clean and neatly pressed. If you have stains on the shirts, if they have a foul odour or if they are just extremely wrinkled, this will not work in your favour. Instead, it will make the interviewer assume you don’t really want the job or that you don’t pay attention to the details, and they likely won’t hire you, even if you are qualified. Be sure to go through your closet well before your interview and pick out what you want to wear. Then, if you need to have it professionally cleaned, you have time to do so.


Jewellery is perfectly acceptable to wear during a job interview, but like the clothing, you’ll want to keep this subtle. For instance, be sure to choose something like a white gold chain instead of an oversized and clunky necklace. This way, the focus will still be on you and your answers during the interview and not your jewellery. If your pieces are too distracting, it could take the focus off your experience, and this is not something you want to experience. In addition, if you’re wearing very loud bracelets or earrings, it could be a big distraction. Instead, be sure to keep things to a minimum in the “pop” category, whether you’re wearing bracelets, rings, necklaces, watches or earrings.


Your hair is just as important as the clothes you wear during an interview. You want to be sure your hair is clean and styled appropriately. This doesn’t mean you need to run out and get your hair professionally done before the interview, but it does mean you should have it styled as you care. If it looks like you didn’t shower or that you just woke up and rolled out of bed, it will make the interviewer assume you don’t really want the job, even if you do.


Even if you’re not the type to get a manicure, you should still make sure your nails are trimmed and clean. And if you prefer the nail polish, make sure it’s a fresh coat of polish without any chips. While this may seem like a very trivial thing to worry about before a job interview, it’s important. It shows the interviewer you pay attention to the details and that you care about your full appearance. If you don’t want to go to the nail salon, you don’t have to. Just make sure to do a nice paint and trim at home before your interview.


In addition to your hair and nails, you should make sure the rest of your body is clean and presentable. Be sure to shower before the interview and to wear deodorant. If you are planning on wearing perfume, be sure to only use a small amount so it’s not an overpowering odour. If you are wearing makeup, it’s also important to keep it to a minimum too as to not be distracting. Finally, be sure to brush your teeth and keep breath mints on hand.

No matter if this if your first or fiftieth job interview, it’s important you always dress the part. Using these tips will help you look like you want the job—and hopefully help you land it.

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