Dream Room


The Dream Room is the sanctuary of sleep and the indispensable space for the regeneration of the body and mind. When designing the room, there are several aspects to be taken into account, in particular the functionality of the space, but also a decoration that promotes relaxation and well-being. Come find out how to get a dream room.


Choose a decorating style for the room

The first step in the room’s design is the desired ambience, only then will you achieve a harmonious decoration.
Regardless of your choice, always be careful not to overload the space, let in natural light, and opt for pieces that bring you a sense of tranquillity.

We leave you a list of the three current decorating trends to be inspired by:

Winter Elegance: consists of a predominance of dark tones punctuated in gold or coppery, creating a soft and homogeneous contrast from dark to metallized. For a warm finish, use textiles such as velvet for blankets and cushions. Be creative in choosing utilitarian objects, combining sophistication with character.

Cosy Natural: inspired by the Japanese style, this trend is based on natural materials. The wood, in light and medium tones not to darken the space, is the material of choice for furniture. Choose materials like wicker, cork or linen for decoration. Use dried flowers, much appreciated in this style, for small tears of colour.

Exotic Chic: the great reference lies in tribal art, mainly African. The light and dark contrasts of wood dictate the aesthetic sense, which is complete with objects related to tribal cultures, such as masks and stars, or wicker and string pieces. Patterns and graphics are fundamental to unifying the ambience, with brown and beige shades, green and yellow.


What to avoid to get a dream room

Synthetic materials: current trends are not unrelated to environmental awareness, with a growing taste for natural materials.

Excess decorative pieces: always prioritize the functionality of the space and the entrance of natural light, taking care not to overload the room with merely decorative objects.

Small lamps: don’t be afraid to combine lighting with the décor and opt for larger and aesthetically appealing lamps.

Lilac and pink tones: these colours are already obsolete, with a preference for blue and white shades.


The organization is the watchword

A disorganized space causes, from the outset, a visual noise incompatible with rest. In order to get a room always ordered, create a storage system according to your needs. Currently, the sideboards are very fashionable and can be combined with bedside tables and wardrobes. If you prefer, you can opt for a dresser or a chiffonnier, timeless pieces that never go out of style. If you have little space, use smart beds or furniture with storage. Do not neglect the organization of the interior of the wardrobe and avoid the heaps of clothing. If necessary, purchase accessories separately for better clothing and footwear accommodation.