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How to Give your Garden a New Lease of Life

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If your garden is looking like it needs some new life breathed into it, you may be looking for a few ideas to brighten it up. You can find a great solution at and you can also find some solutions below:

Paint your Garden Furniture

After a while, your garden furniture will start to look old, no matter how well it’s been made or how many coats of varnish you’ve put on it. Some garden furniture has been made to withstand the elements but after a while, it will start to look old and tired. Paint your garden furniture to make it look new once more, but don’t forget to check it for rust before you paint it. If you do come across a bit of rust rub it lightly with some steel wool before giving it at least one coat of paint.

You may also want to think about painting your garden furniture in a different shade. For example, if your table and chairs were black you may want to paint them green instead. This can help to brighten your garden and your furniture up.

Grow Plants in Containers

Growing plants in containers can give your garden a new lease of life. There are many beautiful pots out there and filling them with shrubs, flowers or trees is the way forward. Place the plants in the right area so they have as much or as little sun as they need and ensure you water them correctly. Dotted around your garden or sat on your decking can make your whole garden seem a lot more alive.

Add Some Decking

Adding a little bit of decking to your garden can make all the difference. Composite decking looks great and lasts a long time. If you like sitting out in your garden as much as you can then you’ll love having decking. Add some potted plants around the edges and sit back and relax as you look over your garden.


Use a Trellis

A trellis can breathe new life into a bare fence or a wall. Put up a trellis and let a climbing plant work its way up to the top. Plants such as honeysuckle and wisteria are ideal and they can look very pretty once they’re in full bloom. You may need to help train your plants a little, but you can do this by using some wire and tying them into the trellis. You may also want to think about the colour of the trellis you intend to use, green is the most popular but they also come in black and brown.

Tidy your Garden

Over the course of a few months, gardens can become a little untidy. Gather up all of those loose leaves and make sure the edges of your lawn are straight. Scrape away any moss you find on pavements and pick up branches that have fallen off. You may also want to think about cleaning bird baths and bird feeders. While you’re cleaning you might also want to think about cleaning your decking too, using a pressure washer will get rid of any dirt quickly.

Use Lights and Lanterns in your Garden

Use Lights and Lanterns in your Garden

Solar lights and lanterns can add a romantic touch to your garden. What’s more is they can also highlight any plants and features that you love. You don’t have to use solar products, you can also use electrical or battery operated lights, a small display of lights can make all the difference and they can really light the garden up on those cold winter evenings.

An additional benefit of using lights and lanterns in your garden is that they can help to deter would-be intruders. A security light by your back door could help and although it may not look as pretty as your other lights it can give you peace of mind.

Get some Shade

If you would like to sit in your garden while the sun is shining but you find it a little too hot, you may want to get some shade. Purchase an old sail or some shade cloth and allow yourself to sit on your decking or anywhere else in your garden while the sun beats down.

Build a Green Wall

You may have already seen a green wall at your local shopping mall as they are all the rage at the moment. A green wall is ultimately a bare wall that has been used as a garden. Climbing plants are usually growing up the wall and there may be a few pots attached to the wall where flowers can grow. Encouraging insects and birds, these walls can make a great addition to your garden.

Giving your garden a new lease of life is relatively easy and it doesn’t have to cost the earth. Start by tidying up, adding some decking, building a green wall, adding a trellis and even some shade. Sooner or later your garden will look refreshed and be even more of a pleasure to spend time in.

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