How to Make Your Home Look Chic and Expensive


Whether your home is due a make-over or you are tired of the same old decor, this article is what you need if you are aiming for chic elegance.

Creating a more expensive vibe and feel to your home is achievable without spending heaps of money. The trick is in knowing how to create the furnishings and decor to give off an expensive look so you know exactly how to arrange your home and what to look for.

First and foremost, having a fresh coat of paint is the fundamental thing to do when redecorating and giving your rooms a new feel. If you are looking for house painters Gold Coast has, there are plenty like Jason Swanson Painting & Decorating that deliver first-class service with professionals ready to transform your home.

Once you have got the foundation in check, it’s time to move onto the smaller things that can make a big impact in creating that air of opulence and expensiveness in your home.

Things That Can Make Your Home Look More Expensive
Freshen Things Up

As we said before, fresh paint of coat can work wonders. Remember, you want to balance the shades in the room so if you have a rich shade then you will need lighter furniture material to bring about balance. It’s also important to get the right ratio of glossy and matte to get the expensive feel and avoid things from looking tacky.

Add Plants And Flowers

A dash of flowers and nature in your home can really pick things up and make the room feel more alive. Orchids are very elegant and help promote the essence you wish but there are several plants which look the part if they are kept well and looked after. Remember to keep them watered and freshly cut.



Lighting is another essential element to creating an expensive-looking home. Shopping in your high-street stores for discounts on expensive-looking lighting can help you get some great fixtures in place that keep it bold yet elegant at the same time. The key here is keeping things attention-grabbing as this screams indulgence!

Have Curtains Closer To The Ceiling

High walls look more expensive and if you don’t have them, you can create the illusion. Simply have longer curtains and attach the rail as close to the ceiling as you possibly can to create the look of elegance and class.

Be Minimal And Have Lots Of White

White is a clean look and contrasting shades and statement chairs also create that chic look. White attracts the light so it keeps your rooms looking open and larger and it also keeps down on the clutter. Minimalist looks chic and naturally expensive.


These are just some nifty tricks to bring an air of elegance and expensive taste to your home without costing you a lot of money.