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How to Manage Your Professional and Personal Life During the Coronavirus Lockdown?

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An individual who does well at work or business without devoting any time to his family cannot be called successful! Anyone can truly be called successful if he or she can strike a great balance between his or her personal life and professional life.

The Coronavirus pandemic and the ensuing lockdown has altered the way we were managing our work-life balance. In the new scenario, ‘Work from Home’ means you will have to carry out all your professional duties by being always in the face of familial responsibilities.

The question, which then arises, is-

‘How are you going to manage your professional and personal life at the same time?’

Why WFH is productive for some people and a disaster for others?

All through the lockdown, we have seen people on either side of the WFH debate. According to some people, WFH has improved their productivity levels drastically. While people at the other end of spectrum state that, they cannot wait to get back to their offices and their cubicles.

People who are applauding the new WFH phenomenon have been successful in managing their time in the best possible fashion. While people who are opposing this new normal have fallen prey to the many distractions, which can take place while you are at home.
Why WFH is productive for some people and a disaster for others
Other factors like young children, no house help, schools closing, no outdoor activity have contributed towards increasing many of the distractions. People who live alone and have little or no familial responsibilities are the ones who are propagating the new WFH phenomenon.

Can WFH lead to the Development of other Professional Pursuits?

Many people who harbour ambition and are willing to take an extra step, are utilizing ways and means of making the most of the new WFH scenario. You must realise that even if you are working for the full-stipulated office hours, you are saving a lot of other time.

For example, you are saving a considerable amount of time on travel. You are also saving time, which would otherwise go to the water cooler and cafeteria conversations. If you would want to do something with all the time saved, it can help you grow incrementally.

Most people are working hard to set up their side businesses during the three or four months of the lockdown. By devoting a couple of hours (travel time saved) every day, many people have opened up a handsome second revenue stream for themselves and their families.

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Ways to manage the Professional and Personal Responsibilities during WFH

Many work gurus and experts suggest that detailed scheduling of your day can be a good way to help you maintain the balance. By creating blocks of time that are devoted equally to all aspects (both professional and personal), you can ensure that both the responsibilities are met adequately.

Another thing, which many experts have been raving about, is just following your normal working day routine. However, they categorically point out that you need a dedicated room to yourself to achieve this.
Ways to manage the Professional and Personal Responsibilities during WFH
For example, you log in at the exact same time you would at work. You log out at the exact same time as well. All through the day, you stick to your normal workday routine sans the Coronavirus lockdown. However, almost everyone agrees that this is easier said than done.

It is very difficult to take sides when it comes to the lockdown and the new WFH schedules. However, it is essential to make time and fulfil responsibilities at either end.

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