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How to Plan a Memorial Service

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Having the opportunity to mourn for the loss of a loved one allows you to face the reality of not having them present anymore and serves as a good starting point on the path to recovery. Based on a study conducted with older people aged 40 and above, 82 percent said that having a ceremony for their loss helped them accept that their friend or family member was gone, and 72% believed that attending these ceremonies was an essential factor in their healing process.

A memorial service allows you to mourn the loss of a loved one. It compares to a funeral service but doesn’t focus on the deceased’s body. Only a framed portrait or urn is present during a memorial service and focuses on the dead person’s life. 

How much does a memorial service cost?

The cost of a memorial service depends on how simple or grand you want the ceremony to be. But when you compare it to funeral service rates, it costs cheaper. The average cost for a memorial service is around $925. If you want to hold a memorial service with your loved one’s cremation, you may have to spend an additional cost of $725.

Memorial Service2

Not all memorial services are only for those who go for a cremation service. Others hold a traditional burial then arrange the memorial service afterward at a chapel or the burial site itself.

How to plan a memorial service?
  • A memorable location

Since you will not see your loved one’s body, you have the freedom to choose where you want to hold the ceremony. The memorial service may be held at the home of the person who died, a scenic spot that the deceased wanted to go to when he or she was still alive or having it at the burial site after burying the deceased’s body. You can also do this in a funeral home or a church.  In this instance it is best to talk to a professional Funeral Director.

  • Appropriate music

If the location you selected allows the playing of music, then take advantage of this opportunity. Music communicates feelings that can’t be explained by words alone—select favourite songs of your loved one or peaceful themes that tie into the deceased person’s life.

  • Good speakers

Have select family members and friends who can give good speeches, read scriptures, make inspiring and funny stories about their lost loved one, and deliver a eulogy.

  • Make a guest list

Make sure to list the people you would like to attend the memorial service. Send the invites in advance so that your guests who live far from you could make travel arrangements and plan as well.

Memorial Service1

  • Provide food and drink

Providing food and drink is common in memorial services. You may offer a full meal or light snacks.

  • Prepare a video

When your location has the means to show a video or slideshow, do not miss this opportunity and make a video honoring the deceased’s life. Include important life events, memorable places they went to, and pictures depicting their happy moments.

A memorial service allows you to mourn the loss of someone dear to you. This service is essential because it helps you heal from your grieving. Spend time to plan and think about the best way you can memorialise and encapsulate the spirit of the special person in your life.

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