How to Select the Best Design for Your Dining Table

Primarily, the dining area is the central attraction in any home where family members gather to share a meal. The requirements of a dining table and chairs will differ from home to home as some may comprise extended family while others are just nuclear family members. Also, if a family has a physically challenged member, they may have to consider this when selecting an ideal dining table. VidaXL will provide you with the best dining chairs and tables to suit your specifications. Other than investment plan and budget, there are several other checkpoints you will need to consider to allow you to select the best design for your dining table. Continue scrolling to learn about each of them.


Selecting the appropriate materials for your dining table and chairs can be a bit overwhelming, even though numerous options are available. Among the most critical factors to consider about a material is durability and ease of maintenance. The most popular material options will include; 

  • Glass

This is an ideal option, especially for relatively space-crunched or dark rooms. Also, it is economical, and they provide an airy appeal with transparency to a room. 

  • Wood

If you are looking for a durable material, wood is your ideal option. This material can withstand mishandling to some extent without being damaged. 

dining table design 2

  • Stone

Stone provides various options for table toppings, including quartz, cement, marble, or composite. However, stone table topping is usually more expensive to install than other materials.

  • Laminate

This provides one of the most affordable dining tables you can get in the market. Primarily, laminates are used as a decorative overlay on other materials like MDF or plywood. However, it is best to know that laminates are not long lasting.

Your Dining Room Size  

This is an essential factor to consider before selecting a design for your dining table. The general rule applied when installing a dining table dictates that you must leave ample space for people and chairs to move about. A dining room provides a place for people to enjoy a meal happily, and making the stay uncomfortable could limit the fun. It is best to allow at least a 3 feet distance around the dining table to make the room comforting and airy.

Décor Theme

Your dining table’s design should effortlessly mix with the home’s aesthetic. Therefore, choose its color and style carefully and research the various options available in the market. This will prevent you from making uninformed decisions which would lead to regrets later. 

dining table design 1

Maintenance frequency and cost

Every dining table design requires different maintenance measures, usually influenced by factors like color or material. Nevertheless, an aesthetically appealing and low-maintenance dining table would be the best choice. Please don’t go for designs that are expensive to maintain unless you can afford them. Besides, stores like vidaXL have something for everyone regardless of your pocket capability. It will provide you with lovely dining chairs and a table that will leave everyone talking. 

Invest in your home for a comfortable and peaceful stay.