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How to Style Your Home Like You Have Hired an Interior Designer?!

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It would be unfair if you look for an interior designer after slaving away at Pinterest for all those hours, pinning the most beautiful yet practical ideas at your “My Home” board. Well, it is time you bring some action – those dreams aren’t going to turn themselves into a reality. And since I am encouraging you to make your house’s decoration your new DIY project, I won’t be telling you exactly what to do; instead, I’ll give you a few pointers, and from there you can figure out what to do.

  • A Triad Of Colors

The most important and basic thing that you have to decide before giving your home a new makeover is, the colour scheme! Keeping it monochromatic is a popular and easy choice, but if you like some colours, then you are going to love my advice.

I suggest you choose three colours for the interior. The first and lightest colour would be for the walls. You can use the second colour for the couches and throw pillows; it is preferable if you choose a rather bold colour for it. The third colour is all about accentuating the room, like the wall hanging or flowers in the vase.

A Triad Of Colors.jpg

  • Blend Of Textures

Alright, now that we have gotten the colour scheme out of our way, we can focus on the textures. This is one aspect that you might overlook, but a certified designer wouldn’t. If the curtains are made of linen, having a plush velvet chair or adding a few cushions with silk covers would add the perfect texture that you need for your look to prosper. Textured wallpapers look quite good.

Blend Of Textures.jpg

  • Balance The Price Tags

Not everything you buy has to be expensive. Learn to mix and match things when it comes to price points. I mean, your cushions do not have to be a designer item. Decorating your home is all about making sure it looks artful. So, if you find a beautiful piece that does not have any designer tag on it, buy it! But you need to be sure that it is going to look good.

Balance The Price Tags.jpg

  • Always Have Rugs

We often forget the floor when we are decorating our homes; but again, that’s what the designer does NOT forget. Fur rugs are my favourite. Vegans can opt for faux fur rugs; they are quite cheap. If you are on a budget, find discounted area rugs here.

Always Have Rugs.jpg

  • Trinkets & Vases

Accessorize your home by adding trinkets. I am one of those women who go trinket-shopping on Sundays because that’s my definition of having fun. If you ever go for travelling, don’t forget to buy a mantelpiece or two that will always remind you of your adventures. If your bedroom looks a little boring, hang a dreamcatcher on top of your headboard. Oh and, I love wind chimes! You have to have wind chimes hanging alongside your draperies.

Trinkets & Vases.jpg

As I said earlier, I will give you a few pointers, and the rest is up to you. Happy decorating!

About the Author:

Julie Hilton is a young woman who loves interior designing and home decor. She is passionate about fashion-forward home décor ideas as well as ‘pop of colour’ art and visionary designs. You can read her blogs at


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