How to Take Amazing Photos When Touring Sydney Alone


If you are travelling solo and want to capture the special moments of your trip around Sydney, read this article for the ultimate photo-taking tips. From instructions on how to get your hands on the equipment you may want to invest in, you’ll find a range of ideas to make the process easier.

When exploring a different country, everyone wants to capture the special moments by iconic sights such as the Opera House and Harbour. Whether you are on a helicopter tour or exploring this stunning city by foot, keep the below tips and tricks in mind to take great photos whilst travelling alone.

How To Capture Great Shots When Travelling Solo In Sydney
1. Hold the camera as far away from you as possible.

If you want to capture some of the scene behind you whilst getting in the shot, hold the camera as far away as possible. A selfie-stick may also come in handy for this kind of photograph as it gives the impression that someone is taking the photo of you. It also enables you to comfortably capture an entire frame in one swift click.
Hold the camera as far away from you as possible

2. Don’t be afraid to ask others.

You’ll often find other travellers and locals can be really friendly and are more than happy to say yes when you ask them to take a photo of your travels. Who knows, if its local you may even get a brief explanation of where you are!

3. Hold the camera slightly above you.

To get a great angle of yourself, position your hand slightly above yourself. This also produces a flattering photo and will give you quicker positive results when taking snaps.

4. Understand lighting is everything.

Lighting is crucial to every photo and this fact doesn’t change just because you are taking photos of yourself, not even while taking one of those helicopter tours. Know that a lower source of light such as that coming from a sunset will illuminate features. A higher light source when the sun is overhead will cause a harsher photo due to the shadows it creates. It’s a good practice to take photos looking towards the light as much as possible. Remember that natural light will give you the best finish and results you could want.
Understand lighting is everything

5. Utilise self-timer.

This is a great tool for those travelling solo as it gives you more time to play with your photos and get into the post you want. It’s great too for figuring things out composition-wise to ensure you get everything you want into your image.

These are great tips to include in taking photos when travelling alone. As you can see, a great shot by yourself isn’t impossible and when you plan things out well you can capture all the best moments of your short trip in Sydney.