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How to use dark wood in your home

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Dark wood is ideal for creating elegant yet also cosy environments. It is a great option for large spaces, but can also be used in small spaces, as long as in combination with woods and light colours. In this case, choose to use dark wood only on furniture or in a few details.

The various types of dark wood can be present in the most varied environments, such as bedrooms, rooms, kitchens and backyards, and can be part of the most different styles, such as rustic, industrial and classic. Generally, they are more durable and resistant woods, but also more expensive.

Neutral tones such as grey and white, and earthy tones such as brown, ochre and burgundy, combine very well with dark wood furniture. Using patterns and textures in the décor is also a great option to create harmony with this type of wood.

Types of dark wood: which ones to choose?

Before choosing your next dark wood furniture, it’s a good idea to know which ones are the most used and which environments and styles each combine. From this basic knowledge, you can evaluate the best option for your decoration.


Classic, sophisticated, durable and durable, mahogany is an excellent wood for furniture, although it has higher prices. Its reddish-brown colouring and unique brightness offer elegance to the environment. Blends well with light tones and details in red or other warm colours.


This sturdy and versatile wood has a dark and vivid colour that brings sophistication to the décor. It is often used in high-quality furniture and also in floors and wall and door coverings. It is excellent for creating pleasant and cosy environments and can be present in the most diverse styles of decoration, such as rustic, modern and classic.


Widely used in the manufacture of furniture and coatings, the oak is hard and heavy and has an excellent resistance to cold and moisture, which makes it a great option for outdoor environments. If you are looking for dark wood, you can opt for red oak, ideal for rustic and traditional decorations.


This high-quality wood is very resistant to moisture and is therefore ideal for decorating balconies or backyards. However, its beautiful golden tone is also widely used in rooms, bedrooms and kitchens, in furniture, panels and doors. It is a durable and stable wood but has high prices.

Demolition wood

Produced from the demolition of old buildings, demolition wood is recovered and treated to create furniture, doors, panels, floors and decorative objects. It is perfect for rustic or industrial style and brings charm and personality to the décor. It can be found in a variety of shades and colours. In the case of dark woods, it incorporates rusticity, elegance and warmth.


MDF is the result of the transformation of wood into plates from pressed particles. It is an economical option and it can be found in light and dark colours. Although not as sturdy and durable as solid woods, it offers a good value for money and is quite versatile. It is one of the most sought after types of dark wood because it is compatible with reduced budgets.

There are many types of dark wood to choose from. Now that you know the main ones, you can start planning your décor with this charming and cosy material. If you want to discover more types of wood for your furniture, also read this other article on the subject.

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