Important Benefits to Seal coating Your Parking Lot


Sealcoating your asphalt parking lot isn’t a necessity and, truth be told, not every business owner takes this step. But there are many long term benefits to doing so, potential advantages that any business owner should consider before deciding whether or not to go this route.

But what exactly is seal coating?

When you sealcoat your pavement, you’re adding a thin layer of liquid to the surface that is designed to protect it from long term damage caused by the elements, as well as fluid leakage from vehicles.

Sealcoating doesn’t cure existing problems, but it does a pretty good job of preventing many of those problems from forming, to begin with. It can also add significantly to the lifespan of your asphalt paving.
Other benefits to taking the extra step of seal coating your asphalt paving include:
But what exactly is sealcoating

Keeps Your Pavement Looking New And Fresh

Most pavement will fade over time, making it less appealing to the eye and often reflecting poorly on your business.

There’s no way to keep your pavement from being exposed to the elements (it is a parking lot after all). But a fresh application of seal coating can make your asphalt look as good as new.

This tip may seem a bit about vanity, but the protective elements are also in play of course.

Protects Against Liquids

Having a layer of seal coating on your asphalt pavement helps to accelerate the melting of any snow and ice that’s accumulated on the surface. And this can be extremely important in the harsh winter months.
Not only will it assist with the maneuverability of both vehicles and people, but it will also help to protect your asphalt against water penetration, as well as damage caused by snow and ice.

Prolongs The Life Of Your Pavement

Sealcoating can expand the lifespan of your asphalt pavement, protecting it from any major damage along the way.

By filling any surface damage and providing a protective layer against vehicle fluids, water, ultraviolet rays from the sun, and other outside elements, you will enjoy a much longer lifespan for your asphalt pavement.

Reduces Long Term Repair Costs

Any asphalt is going to need to be repaired at some point, but a quality seal coating application can certainly cut down on these repair and maintenance costs and save you a good deal of money over time.
Reduces Long Term Repair Costs
That’s an important fact to weigh when deciding whether or not to spend a few extra dollars upfront for seal coating. If you’re going to be using the parking lot for several years, it’s probably more than worth the investment to do so.

It’s Never Too Late

Even if you decided not to seal coat your asphalt parking lot when you first installed it, that doesn’t mean you can’t still do so.

With all of the benefits of applying a seal coating, it’s never too late to protect your investment by adding a layer to your existing asphalt paving.

It can be done either by using a seal coating spray or by squeegee application. If you’re interested in applying seal coating to your asphalt paving, contact a qualified paving contractor in your area today for a quote and more information. For more information on a guide to parking lot paving for businesses visit: