Landscaping Trends in Perth, WA


Different people have different ideas and means when it comes to landscaping their lawns. However, it is seen that most of the homeowners wish to have yards that are pretty low on maintenance and are rather peaceful and wildlife-friendly at the same time. Life is getting more and more hectic with every passing day. Thus, people wish to come back home from a long day at work and sit back to relax with their family out in their open and beautiful garden.

Some Common Landscaping Trends

It is normally seen that people are always looking for ways to improve their private lawns and make it stand out from their neighbours’ lawns. There are some common landscaping trends on this website that are being followed in recent times. Some of these trends have been listed below for your convenience.
Lawn Striping

  • Lawn Striping:

When you get back from a hard day at work, nothing can be more welcoming than an open lawn that is beautifully made and filled with green everywhere you look. If you talk to some of the landscaping professionals in town, you will come to know that more and more homeowners are requesting them to jazz up their private lawns with some exquisite patterns such as stripes. It is good for you to remember that lawn striping is not as challenging as you may think. There are machines that can help you create such stripes as the tires of your lawnmower, as well as, the deck bends the green grass in the direction the mower is moved. There are also striping kits and rollers that can provide more pronounced patterns.

  • Pergolas for Living Outdoors:

You will be surprised to find out that merging outdoor and indoor living is pretty high on a homeowner’s wish list. It is needless to say that any outdoor structure that basically creates an additional room will certainly be rather useful for a homeowner. Add to that the fact that modern-day pergolas are quite sophisticated as compared to those of yesteryears. When it comes to pergola trends, some of the most common and popular ones are a luxury outdoor kitchen, roll down windows, space heaters or even a fire feature, lighting, and sound systems.

Pink Is Pretty

  • Pink Is Pretty:

When it comes to colour trends for landscaping ideas, bold-yet-earthy coral, dusty rose, and millennial pink have been rather popular in the last few years. If you add some pink hues, it will look amazing against green and will create a large demand for pink flower beds. Landscaping professionals also think that light blush and softer pink tones will soon become the new neutral when it comes to flowering materials, finishes, and surfaces to match up with the bolder coral tones.

  • Metal Elements Outdoor:

Amongst the various materials used for landscaping, metal is the latest trend and a major choice amongst homeowners. It is low-maintenance and durable and it does not even require finishing, staining, sealing, and sanding. You will find several types of pergolas and different furnishings made of metal that be used as landscaping items for your lawn.