Less Tangling During Knitting Process with Handmade Wooden Yarn Bowls

Yarn bowls have been used by knitters and crafters and they are also double up as ornaments of decoration. When you display one that is full of a collection of your favorite buttons or different yarns, you create that homey feel to your living space. Handmade wooden yarn bowls are advantageous in that they don’t break or chip like the ceramic bowl. Therefore as you create your own piece of art, you will not need a lot of tools or resources. They are truly beautiful and you just might need one in your house to make a statement of love and comfort.

With so many different styles of yarn bowls, how can you know which one is right for you? All these pieces look great but you have to knit or crochet yourself to know which one performs the best and is practical.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Handmade Wooden Yarn Bowls


  • The size and shape: the best bowls are tall and narrow. The tall designs make it easy to loosely hang a ball of yarn and this prevents it from popping out when yarn has been tugged. Handmade yarn bowls that are large enough to accommodate big balls of yarn can work well with a knitter who does not like to make countless trips replacing the yarns.
  • Form and function: needle holes may add interest to your handmade wooden yarn bowls but they may not work so well with a bowl that has a deep profile design. The bowl you choose should have a form that meets function. This is important as it makes your work easier in the knitting process and also has a natural beauty. You will soon find yourself sharing your passion with friends for these functional collectibles.
  • Selection and value: handmade bowls often go through rigorous making process in order to meet the strict gallery grade standards. After the bowls are shaped they are hand finished with several individual rounds of sanding, buffing, coating, and drying. This process can take up to 5 days if the weather under optimum weather conditions. The final process involves applying a final coat of wax which helps to resist stains and fingerprints.

Advantages of Using a Yarn Bowl

Yarn bowls have slowly become the latest trend for knitters. These bowls are found in a wide variety of choices at online stores. They are available in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. If you are just starting out in the knitting process, you will want to choose a bowl for purely aesthetic purposes but the knitting pros know that this tool can be very useful. If you still are not sure if you should invest in such a bowl, here are the main benefits:

  1. Less distraction: you need to concentrate a lot when knitting or crocheting in order to make cute patterns. Bouncing yarn can be quite distracting and that is why the bowl is designed to keep the yarn from bouncing. The bowl can be made of materials such as ceramics or wood. A heavy bowl is better because it will prevent the bowl from bouncing and rolling over your house. You will thus feel relaxed while doing this act of knitting.
  2. Less tangling: a yarn ball that keeps bouncing all over the house while you are knitting is not only distracting but can also tangle. If you have a cat in the house and it starts playing with the yarn, things can get really messy. The process of untangling your yarn can be a nightmare and that is why you need a bowl to keep all things in one place.
  3. It protects the yarn: if you are working with a delicate fabric, you will notice that dirt easily gets into it and it can even be damaged. You could end up with a twisted garment if the yarn bounces a lot during stitching.

As noted, a yarn bowl can be very useful. You can improvise if you have not yet budgeted for a bowl. Small items in the house such as a zip lock bag, a teapot or toilet paper roll can do the trick for small yarns. Even your regular ceramic bowl can serve this purpose if you stick a large binder clip on its side.

However, you must agree that yarn bowls just have this charm and so if you want a more elegant solution than these improvised items, you will certainly shop for one. Moreover, they are affordable and you can select these from any knitting supply store, whether it is a brick and mortar store or an online store.

A yarn bowl solves all the problem of the yarn bouncing in all directions while you are knitting. If you have been knitting for some time, you know that this can be pretty annoying. There is a cut out which guides you as you are working. Each time you pull the yarn the weight of the bowl keeps the yarn from bouncing freely, getting tangled or rolling away.

A center pull ball might not function as this bowl. Because pulling the ball of yarn can result in an over twist and thus entwine your garment.

How to Choose a Good Yarn Bowl:


  • Choose one with a wide base to avoid incidences of tipping over especially if you are using a heavy ball of yarn.
  • The bowl should have an opening where the yarn can easily pass through from the top. This is different from just a hole. This opening makes it easy to remove the yarn from the bowl without a problem. The bowl can also be used for various knitting projects.
  • It would be better if the wood has a smooth finishing where the yarn comes out. Just a small rough edge can catch and fray the yarn thereby destroying the future the yarn.
  • You are better off choosing a collared or high-walled bowls. Shallow walls will just leave your ball spinning out every time.