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Making a Perfect Present: How to Turn a Headache Into a Pleasure

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Choosing an appropriate gift for an event or holiday might be a painful dilemma if you have got little knowledge concerning a person’s taste, or simply because you are not very much into all these synthetic traditions and superstitions related to festive occasions. The fear of making an unfavourable impression is tearing your nervous system into pieces and an upcoming holiday, instead of pleasing you with the cheerful shopping bustle, is slowly turning into an ordeal. Fortunately, there are a few straightforward rescuers that can be called virtually in every situation. Let us have a look at them all one by one.

A Teddy Bear

This unpretentious stuffed toy in the form of an animal truly is the most multipurpose gift suitable for every celebration and individual. You will hardly find any other toy produced in such a wide variety of silhouettes and styles. Plenty of even full-grown people enjoy collecting them, while all others like to use the toys as casual decorations, placing these cubs on bedside tables or on the shelves of bookcases. It is also a preferred form of soft toy for hobbyists making homemade toys. Teddy bears do not necessarily look like and have a plaything’s role, they are souvenirs too. Even football teams often select them as mascots.

Teddy bears are loved and favoured by many — and this is exactly what we seek. Plus the approach to deciding on the look is also pretty plain and logically understood. Getting to know the age, sex, and profession of a target person, we can quickly figure out what to present. You should not choose an oversized one if a person is not a toddler or a romantic young maiden. Keep away from pink ones for the very same reason. Opt for something of modest or small size — a souvenir-like teddy bear will be fine. If a person, for example, is a pilot, then presenting him with a pilot bear is going to be an excellent move. Thinking this way is always an all-prize lottery.

A Teddy Bear

The Box of Chocolates.

Another win-win gift is a set of chocolates encased in a stylish festive container. Glucose raises a mood and gives vital energy, so sweets have been desired by the old and the young since the Stone Age. And here we should put logic into practice again. According to statistics, 88% of teenagers and 71% of adults 45+ prefer milk chocolate. Hence, a mix of dark and milk chocolates in this very same proportion gives a fair chance of being a welcome guest at a party. Be careful with heart-shaped packages — they are only suitable for love affairs. In most cases, a squared spruce box with a design reflecting a forthcoming celebration is a leading player.  

Flowers and Plants

All the people are nature lovers. Everyone likes sunshine and the fresh vibes of dewy green meadows. A flower bouquet opens any door and can be purchased on every corner. You can arrange a bouquet yourself following your imagination or simply order a flower delivery from a major floral network like Bloomex by taking advice from their professional florists. Buy locally grown flowers to get the freshest scents and avoid plastic package to provide a natural and warm look. Hand-tied posies, being a marvellous way to show off flowers, are perpetually charming. They will not burden your purse and are easy to carry, so could be advised as universal.

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