Most Beautiful Spots in Ninh Binh


The small charming town of Ninh Binh is located in southeast Hanoi. Which happens to be one of the prettiest parts of Vietnam. Ninh Binh is the ideal choice for the visitors in search of beautiful nature and unspoiled parts of Vietnam. The resolutely provincial city is an excellent base for those interested in Vietnamese limestone scenery. The capital city of Ninh Binh Province also makes for a perfect base to explore nearby attractions and other sites in the province.

When you travel from Halong bay to Ninh binh, it will take you about 4 or 5 hours by bus and local shuttles. Make your bookings in advance and from a reliable tour operator because of the heavy rush and for a comfortable trip. Get ready to explore the undiscovered beautiful parts of Vietnam as you reach Ninh Binh.

Here are some of the most beautiful spots in Ninh Binh to visit and explore:
Tam Coc
Tam Coc – Well known for its karst landscape, Tam Coc is indeed one of the best nature destinations that are a must for every tourist to explore. Located outside of Ninh Binh town, you can easily spot the scenic limestone hills that contrast with the emerald green rice paddies.

Mua Cave- Go on a unique rowing boat trip to Mua Cave and bike to traditional villages. Enjoy stunning panoramic views of nature along the river. You will love the traditional Vietnamese cuisine served by the locals.

Trang An Grottoes- Another popular destination in Ninh Binh is the Trang An Grottoes. If you are looking for that perfect blend of nature and heritage, you are sure to find it in Trang An Grottoes with its scenic landscape and ancient forest. The site of the marvellous collection of limestone rocks is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Bái Đính – Explore the ancient landscapes of Bái Đính on a train journey, and you get to see the largest pagoda temple complex on your trip. You can ride up to the grottoes of Tràng An and immerse yourself in the limestone karst creations of Dinh Mountain. Bái Đính Temple is a spiritual complex of Buddhist temples and is a popular site for Buddhist pilgrims and monks.
Bái Đính
Kenh Ga – If you want to get familiar with the lifestyle of the local people, explore the floating village of Kenh Ga. The destination indeed makes for an exciting visit and, in addition, offers some stunning views of limestone formations. Enjoy the peaceful and quaint scenery of the floating village and spend some relaxing time in this sleepy territory. Shop for some interesting merchandise and goods sold here from boat to boat.

Cuc Phuong National Park – Another enthralling natural and heritage site is located in the Red River Delta, and it is the largest national park in the country, the Cuc Phuong National Park. It is a hotspot for rich biodiversity that comprises of hundreds of species of birds, animals, species, and amphibians.

Tuyet Tinh Coc – Tuyet Tinh Coc is another scenic spot in the region of Ninh Binh and has become a famous attraction for the keen traveller. The site consists of a gorgeous temple that is carved in a mountain that overlooks a breathtakingly beautiful lake right in the middle of a lush green valley.
Tuyet Tinh Coc
Bich Dong Pagoda- The Bich Dong Pagoda is a prehistoric artefact that is located in the Tam Coc village and is declared World Heritage Site. The ancient temple is surrounded by limestone mountains and is a series of caves that hold ancient shrines. Pagoda relic is a popular spot among nature lovers and surrounded by the mountain and the deep green trees.