Moving Home? Here’s an Unavoidable Checklist


As variously described to be the most expensive, biggest, or most stressful nightmare.

Home moving is something that you have to experience eventually. Whether you move often or this is your first time, home is moving is an overwhelming activity. It can take its toll even on the best of planners. While moving is not easy, there are ways to reduce the effort and make the process smoother. We know that moving is not easy, but it is also an exciting experience, and for that, we want to ensure that you do not forget anything in the process. 

We have a checklist for you to stay confident and cover everything before and during your move. 

Checklist for Home Moving Process: Preparation before Moving (7-8 weeks)
  • It is the time where you need to figure out your plan to move. You can do it yourself or can hire a professional moving service as well. Start allocating your budget and assess your options. If you decide to hire a service, research thoroughly and select one that offers the best within your budget.
  • Visit your new community to familiarize yourself with the location, neighbourhood, and amenities.
  • Figure out your overall budget to allocate for various moving phases such as packing, transportation, unpacking, or paying altogether to a professional mover.
  • Submit the change of address to your post office.
  • Start collecting packing supplies (boxes, newspapers, bubble wraps, etc.).
  • Hold a yard sale or donate all the unwanted items you sort out. 


Preparations 6-7 Weeks before Moving

Earlier, it would help if you spent your time planning and organizing, and this is when you have to take it a step further. Your goal here is to narrow down the choices for moving companies and supplies needed. 

  • Keep searching for moving companies and start gathering estimates to shortlist three or four services.
  • You may ask a friend to help you with packing supplies if you plan to independently commence the process.
  • Book a truck rental for your DIY transportation.
  • Rent a storage unit to keep any valuables or an item you feel might suffer damage during the process. You can access those items later when you have your new place set.
Preparations before 6 Weeks

During this time, you have to pick up the pace and finalize the arrangements to put the plans into action.

  • Make travel arrangements or book hotels if your travel route needs lodgings or before your new home is ready. 
  • Order packing supplies. Purchase packing boxes of various sizes, large sheets of bubble wraps, tape, and packing paper. Purchase speciality containers for clothes or chinaware.
  • If you have children, make preparations to transfer the records and credentials from current to new schools.
  • Label your boxes according to rooms and items to store and start packing early
  • Create a list of items you want to pack to keep track of everything.
  • Schedule a meeting with the movers you have selected to make a final choice.
Preparations before 5 Weeks
  • Strategize your packing process by creating a timeline for the procedure. You cannot pack everything in one go, and a timeline will help you pack according to days and value.
  • Hold another garage sale or donation run for more stuff that you find useless during packing.
  • Sell any slightly used items if they do not serve any purpose in your new home.
  • Decide the appliances that you need to take with you. If you have decided to hire a moving company, then you can take all the appliances. Otherwise, you have to sell some to make room for other essential belongings.
  • Cancel all the membership to community centres or clubs. You have plenty of time to go through the cancellation process.
Preparations before2-4 Weeks

By this time, you only have a month left, and you need to speed up all the packing and finalizing process. 


  • Finalize your budget, get e quotes, and decide on a moving company to hire. Remember to keep all the receipts and note down all the important dates in your schedule. If you still have questions, then you can consult online tips to find the right company.
  • Continue with your packing.
  • Contact your utility providers and arrange for your new home to move within the city. If you plan on moving cross country, then contact the service providers there.
  • Gather all the valuable items, jewellery, and family heirlooms and keep them in a separate box.
1 Week before Moving
  • Call the moving company you have hired and have them disassemble the furniture and pack them.
  • Properly dispose of items like leftover paint, oil, or chemicals in your possession
  • Prepare a separate bag for medicines, educational certificates, and any other necessary documentation.
On the Moving Day

By now, you have everything packed and ready to move. Call the service you have hired or bring in a rental truck to start loading. Take a final sweeping look at anything that you might have left. Make a final tally with your item list according to labels and ensure you have everything packed for the relocation. Finally, say goodbye to your old home and start the engine towards your new sanctuary.