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Moving Home: The Things That Can Delay Your Move

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It’s something that we are all probably going to go through at least once in life, but that doesn’t mean to say that moving house isn’t stressful.

On the contrary, some believe that this is one of the biggest moments of stress that you will ever go through. Yes, it even beats other life events, like divorce or having a child.

One of the main reasons behind the stress is uncertainty. Put simply, your solicitors might tell you a proposed moving date from the outset, but it all becomes clear very quickly that this isn’t going to be met. In fact, this date will constantly move and this is one of the reasons why it’s always important to explore your self storage options with Safestore to ensure that your belongings are always going to have a home, regardless of the move date.

This is the reason today’s guide has been put together. To manage expectations somewhat, here are some of the things that can delay your move and you should therefore look out for.

The dreaded C-word

For the purposes of today, we’re referring to chains.

In short, these are one of the main reasons why most house moves are so painfully slow. You and your seller or buyer might be working at record speeds – but it all falls down because of someone who is a long way down the chain.

Unfortunately, there is little you can do in this regard. The only advice is to manage your own expectations; if you know that you are part of a chain, try and budget for this with your time.

Your funds don’t arrive in time

Your funds don’t arrive in time
Considering all of the hoops you have had to jump through to get your mortgage in the first place, this next point almost sounds ridiculous. Unfortunately, it does happen, with some studies suggesting that over one-third of people buying a house over the last couple of days had to chase their conveyancer to make sure the funds arrived on time. Unfortunately, in some cases, this chasing wasn’t successful.

Delays in sending funds to your solicitor

On the subject of delays caused by finances, you also shouldn’t forget your own obligations.
As we all know, there comes a (painful) time where we have to transfer the deposit funds to the solicitor.

Unfortunately, transferring tens of thousands of pounds isn’t easy. In fact, it’s hugely difficult – with most banks imposing a £10,000 per day BACS limit.

Suffice to say, most deposits stretch beyond this, meaning that you have to legislate for enough days so that the final sum gets in the solicitor’s hands in good time.

The other option is to pay for a service to send large sums of money but naturally, with other payments being made left, right and center, this is an option many would prefer to avoid.

The curse of gifted deposits

Of course, when you are on the receiving end of a gifted deposit, it can hardly be classified as a curve.
The curse of gifted deposits
At the same time, it’s something else that is going to draw delays. These deposits often attract a lot of attention, with the authorities keen to find out the original source of the funds so they can rule out money laundering.

Ultimately, if you are using a gifted deposit, at least inform all parties at the start of the process.

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