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Moving Interstate? This is How to Get Settled in a New Suburb

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Moving to a new suburb is exciting, daunting and overwhelming, but there are a number of things you can do to make the transition smoother.

Booking a reputable interstate removal service is a great place to start. They work faster, more efficiently and keep your possessions safer as than many of the budget options, making settling into your new home easier.

Once you and your possessions have moved interstate, it’s time to focus on settling in. This includes settling into your new home, your new street and your new neighborhood. Here are eight tips to help make the transition smoother and more enjoyable.

Unpack straight away

Moving can feel like a lot of work, but the longer you leave your boxes unpacked, the less settled you will feel in your new home. When you choose a high quality removals service, unpacking is easy as your belongings are divided into boxes and labelled according to the room they belong in. Plus, great moving services will leave as much of your possessions in situ as possible so you can unpack them and put them straight into their place Eg. Cutlery may be left in its tray, making it super easy to place straight into your new kitchen drawer.
Unpack straight away
Unpacking sooner rather than later means you’re far more likely to invite a new neighbor inside for a cup of tea: A great way to start making friends.

Say ‘hello’ to your neighbors by making the first move

Stopping by your neighbors’ homes for a quick ‘hello’ is a great way to break the ice with your new community. Avoid stopping by around meal times as you’ll likely interrupt their family time, but a quick afternoon drop-by is a great first step.

If you don’t feel comfortable with a casual drop in, you can ask to borrow something. Borrowing a tool, a baking pan or even something little like a soup ladle can help give your visit a purpose, while still achieving the goal of introducing yourself to your neighbors.

Visit your local pub

Stopping by pub on the corner is a great way to gain familiarity with your neighbors, and become a recognizable face in the community. Scope out any weekly events such as trivia nights, darts or pool tournaments as they’re a great way to get involved and meet people, plus you’ll have fun.

Decorate your new home

Decorating your new space is an important step to helping you settle into your new suburb and your new home. If you have a wall hanging or painting you and your family love, display it proudly in your new space. This continuity can help your family feel more settled, as well as helping accelerate the moving-in process.

Work on your front yard during the weekends or after work

Work on your front yard during the weekends or after work
Weeding or raking your front yard is a great way to meet the neighbours as passers by will likely stop and say ‘hello.’ If you have a cute helper like kids or a dog assisting you with your front yard chores, you’re almost guaranteed your neighbours will stop and chat as they wander past your new home.

Join Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood watch is a great way to bring members of the community together, and research shows it really works to decrease crime. You can join your new community’s existing Neighborhood Watch scheme, or set establish one once you’ve met some of the members of your community.

Host a housewarming bbq or street party

Inviting your neighbors over for a casual drink and nibbles is a fun way to get to know them. Hosting the event before dinner one evening helps keep it short, allowing people to drop in for a quick visit even if they’re busy. A bbq is another fun, casual way to get to know people, and if you live in a cul de sac, a street party in summer lets you meet new people, while kids play together safely in the street.

Explore the neighborhood by foot

Walk around your neighborhood to find the nearest bus stops, train stations, coffee shops, and parks. If you’re looking for somewhere in particular, such as your nearest post office, skip the smart phone and ask someone. It’s a great way to mention you’re new to the area, which can spark conversation around upcoming events and give you valuable insight into your new community.
Explore the neighborhood by foot
Settling into your new area takes time, but starting by unpacking and decorating your home, and getting to know your neighbours is a great start.

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