Organize Your Home Like a Pro this Spring

Welcome the warmer spring season ahead like an organizing pro with our top tips on how to organize your home. Whether you’re thinking of making a real estate move (psst, if you are moving, learn how you can get a free home appraisal!), or just wanting to spruce your space, we are here to share our best kept organizing secrets.

Tackle clutter

The number one thing that makes a home feel disorganized is clutter. Think about that chair in the corner that collects…junk? Or the linen closet busting at the seams. There are spaces in everyone’s home that offer up a little more clutter than we would like to admit. The best way to declutter your home is to first create a list of spaces that need extra attention. Then go area-by-area and declutter items into three key categories:

  • Keep
  • Donate
  • Trash

In the keep category, make sure that you have a space for that item. If there is no space for it, consider moving it to the donate area, or donating another item to create space. Add storage solutions to your space to make the most of your home this spring. Think about adding some hooks on the wall, shelving, baskets, or drawer organizers to help keep the clutter at bay and to maximize your storage. For the donate and trash categories, get rid of items right away so you don’t end up with a hoard of items you intend to get rid of.


Once you’ve decluttered the extra bad spaces, it’s time to organize the rest room-by-room. Breaking down your home into individual rooms can make the project feel less daunting and offer you more motivation to get it done.

The key to organizing is ensuring every item has a place. Tips on this include:

  • Grouping like-items together so they’re easier to find
  • Don’t overcrowd the storage area (this is why decluttering first is important)
  • Think of closets as their own “room” in your home
  • If you’re really tight on space, utilize seasonal storage like space bags, attic, basement, or garage space for items you don’t reach for in warmer months
  • If a specific is a room is particularly bad (maybe a playroom or the garage) don’t feel pressure to complete the task in a single day

Get creative

Storage solutions can boast creativity that works for you. Think about organizing in unconventional ways. Use a piece of lattice to easily hang gardening tools in the shed or garage. Alleviate space in the entryway closet by adding decorative and functional hooks to the wall, or a beautiful umbrella holder to the corner. If you have shelving that holds non-display-worthy items, add a roller shade to certain shelves to help conceal the mess. Or line a shelf with new paint cans to create cubbies for your must-have items.

Don’t forget the outdoors

A big part of spring organizing is outdoor spaces that have gone untouched in the colder months. Tackle your shed, garage, and outdoor living space. Utilize storage solutions and the decluttering methods explained above outdoors as well to ensure you have a fresh home inside and out this spring.