Some people make a wedding speech that becomes the hallmark of the event. Other speakers are so boring that everyone wants them to sit down. When given the honour to make the speech, you have a responsibility to make a memorable presentation. 

Each person has an idea of the best wedding speech. However, some speeches stand-out and will be the talk of your occasion for years to come. A good speech also makes a wedding memorable to the couple and their friends. How do you write and deliver the most captivating wedding speech? Here are a few tested tips provided by homework for money writers. 

Review Speeches Delivered During Other Weddings


Your wedding speech is supposed to be unique. After all, the story of the couple in question is that unique. However, the speeches delivered by other people will give you an idea of what is expected. These speeches are uploaded on the internet. They come from different parts of the world, helping you to get a better understanding of what to blend into your speech. 

What should you look for when reviewing the speeches delivered at other weddings? 

  • The length of a wedding speech
  • The issues speakers address during these speeches
  • How the speakers interact with the couple and guests
  • How to deliver punch lines that make a speech memorable

The ideas gotten from other speeches are meant to enrich your speech. Do not copy these ideas directly but could improve on them. The reviews also give you confidence that your ideas are valid. 

Make Your Speech Unique

It is boring for the crowd to listen to the same words or a similar presentation in multiple weddings. A memorable speech is one that has never been heard anywhere else. The new words and way of expressing ideas will capture the attention of listeners. 

You make a wedding speech unique by knowing the couple better. You must also understand the guests gracing the occasion and their association with the couple. Pick unique words and expressions that will capture the imagination of the listening crowd. The speech will be captivating to hear. 

Keep The Speech Short

Writing An Unforgettable Wedding Speech1

A wedding event is not time to listen to speeches. The speeches are meant to mark the occasion and celebrate the couple. It is not a time to give every detail about how they met, their courtship, how you know them, and your wishes about their future. While these details are important, they should only be given in bits and pieces. 

Choose one or two aspects to address in your speech. Keep the speech to a maximum of 3-5 minutes. The time is enough to deliver a captivating speech that becomes the highlight of the big day. One of two issues delivered with punch lines will be more memorable than an hour of repetitive talk. 

Address Issues Familiar To The Couple And Guests

The speech is meant to bring the minds of all people to present together. This unity can only be achieved when you talk about issues familiar to the wedding couple and their guests. Though some of them could be personal, use words and descriptions that make it easier for those present to relate. 

Include Punch Lines In Your Letter

A wedding is a fun moment. Speakers should provide the spice that makes the occasion enjoyable. Make fun comments about guests and the couple so that they enjoy the occasion. The punch lines must be tasty and interesting for visitors as well as the wedding couple. 

A wedding speech should make the occasion fun and memorable. It must also help the couple to celebrate their big day in a fun way. Review what other speakers have done in previous weddings to give you an idea of what to say.