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Australian Partner Visa


Read This Before Applying For An Australian Partner Visa

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If you are in the US and you are in a relationship with someone who lives in Australia, it is possible to apply for a visa so you can move there. This can be a bit complicated and time-consuming but being prepared can ensure that things run smoothly. Continue reading if you want to gain some insight before you begin the process.

One thing you should always remember is that starting the Australian Partner Visa application process early is essential. There are some people who have applied, and it has taken them several months from the time they started the visa application to the point when it received final approval. For this reason, you should be expeditious and try getting it done far sooner than necessary.

Get all of your documents together prior to applying for a visa. You do not want there to be any delays because some vital information is missing. You will need a copy of your passport and birth certificate, as well as that of your partner. Without all of these, there is no way that you will be approved.
Partner Visa
Proving your relationship is another thing that you will need to worry about during the process. Keep in mind that you must have been with your partner for at least a year before you are allowed to apply for a visa. If you have lived together for some time, submitting utility bills and rental agreements is a great way to prove that you were actually together. Photographs, email communications and joint accounts are other types of proof that are acceptable.

You will have to provide some evidence of the financial and living arrangements you are planning. For instance, if you are planning to stay home while your partner works, you will have to show documents that prove they will be able to support you while you are in Australia on a visa. If there is no way to tell how the living and financial arrangements are going to work, there is a huge chance that your application will be denied.
There are some pretty large fees that you will have to pay when you are applying for a visa. If you are in Australia at the time when the application is filed, you will be responsible for paying $7,000. This fee is larger for those who are outside of the country. In addition to this fee, there are other expenses to consider, like fees for police checks, medical assessments, passport photos and international credit card transactions. Do some research so you are clear about how much you will be expected to pay. You do not want to start the process and it is halted because you cannot afford to continue.

Moving to Australia to be with your partner may seem romantic, adventurous and exciting. While it may be all of those things, it is also a complicated process that can be quite stressful. As long as you keep all you just read in mind, things should go quite smoothly for you.

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