Reasons to Consider Promotional Videos For Your School


Videos are one of the best media for promotional activities; it is not a secret anymore. Various studies proved that messages conveyed via videos have better understanding and retention possibilities than any other means of promotion. You must be aware of the saying, “a picture says a thousand words,” so imagine how much impact a video with adequate content can create. Every organization is adopting video as their main means of promotional activities, and as expected, it stood up to the expectations.

Is it required to promote your school?

Of course, or else how will people come to know about your school. Yes, word of mouth plays a big factor when it comes to receiving new admissions, but in this competitive world, promoting the services you are offering is mandatory to survive. Initially, ex-students and the school website were the major source of information for any school. But as technology evolved, promotional videos became one of the most impactful media of promotions for schools.
Is it required to promote your school
Let’s look at the reasons to create promotional videos for school

A virtual tour to the school campus

The size and the facility of the school campus are equally important for both parents and students to decide while scouting for the right school. Hence providing a virtual tour of the school campus will help you not only advertise your state of the art campus but also help the students and parents make an informed choice. As a student, you will spend a good proportion of your time in school around the campus, so it is important for you to be sure whether the campus stands up to your expectation before making any decision. On the other hand, parents are the ones who will invest their hard-earned money to admit their children in schools. Hence they must clarify where they are investing their money in.

Student testimonials

It is one of the best ways to spread how it is like to be a student of a particular school. Using the current student’s testimonials in your promotional videos will help future students and parents to make the correct decision. Use a reliable promo video maker available online and use the clips, capturing the reactions of the current students, their expressions, etc. Properly edit the positive reactions expressed by the students on camera and let the future students take the correct call.

Showcase the surrounding areas of the school

It is evenly important for the students to know about the surrounding areas of the school. Whether it is near sports complexes, tracks, parks, etc., it will help the students looking for a new school to decide whether your school is the right one for them. How far it is from the museum or the library will help the students to secure admission with confidence. Every student has different requirements and hobbies, so make sure you promote your school’s surrounding areas to attract the right admissions.
Showcase the surrounding areas of the school

Maintain a proper flow

A well-edited video will help your school to get the expected attention. Use a good video editor and edit your promotional video in a manner so that it can connect with your expected audiences just the way you want. Start by properly introducing your school’s goals and objectives, then get into the campus life and its surroundings and always call for action at the end, for example- mention the course of action.

State all the unique facilities

Every school has some sort of competitive advantage over another school. So make sure you highlight the unique qualities of your school and what different facilities you will provide to your students. Maybe your school has state of the art gym or a well-stocked library; don’t forget to tactfully mention such unique qualities your school possesses to attract the desired attention.

Highlight your assets

The faculty team, the support staff, nutritionists, etc. are the main assets of a good school. After all, these are the people who mould the students into tomorrow’s responsible citizens of the world. Don’t forget to highlight your faculty staff, unique qualities, teaching experiences, etc. in your school’s promotional video. The potential students and their parents need to know about the teaching staff of the school. Highlighting your faculty team and their achievements will help you gain the required exposure.

Shoot at location

Make sure your school’s promotional video is mostly shot in the school itself if not all. It will help you to highlight the basic infrastructure of your school from the ground level. Shooting at an actual location will cover every aspect of life in the school campus. It will help highlight basic yet important things, such as classrooms, gyms, washrooms, emergency facilities like sprinklers and smoke detectors, security management, fast aid facilities, etc. It will help the parents to trust and send their children to your school without any worries. As it is clear why you should make a promotional video for your school, let us consider a few practical guidelines to follow.

Use a good video editor

No matter how well planned and executed your video is, it will always require adequate editing at the post-production stage. Don’t forget to use a good and reliable editor like in video and always pay attention to the smallest details, such as lighting, background music, adequate sound, length of the video, and a proper transition from one scene to another.
Use a good video editor

Selecting the correct medium

After you successfully shoot, edit, and finish your promotional video, the biggest thing to decide is where and how to promote your video to get
the desired attention. You need to analyze your targeted audience carefully and their habits, preference, and lifestyle to choose the correct medium to promote your videos. Of course, your school’s website is the mandatory place to put your video, but you need to consider other channels as well as get the necessary exposure. Choose related space and areas where potential parents and students regularly visit like- bookstores, toy stores, parks, recreational centres, libraries, etc. These places where both parents and students frequently visit and showcase your school’s video in such areas will achieve a good exposure.


Schools are the places for shaping the responsible citizens of tomorrow. It is not a basic profit-making organization. Running a school comes with specific sets of responsibilities, so make sure you take care of all your moral responsibilities towards society when you are running a school.