Save Your Marriage with the Help of the Best Counsellors in India


Marriages, like all relationships, have their ups and downs. But there are times when the problem seems too big to deal with on your own. This could be because of an extramarital affair, addiction or lack of communication. In such situations, it is a great idea to seek professional help, says Dr. Meghana Dikshit, a highly experienced marriage counsellor in Mumbai.
Signs That You are in an Unhappy Marriage

The first step to fixing your relationship is to know that you are in an unhappy marriage. Here are some signs that can help you identify the need for a relationship therapist:

Lack of Communication

Lack of Communication
One of the biggest indicators of a troubled marriage is poor communication. In an unhappy relationship, you might feel that you do not have anything to say to your partner. You would rather send a text, instead of talking to them. In such situations, people often prefer to share their thoughts with someone other than their partner. The best marriage counsellors give you a comfortable environment in which you can share your deepest thoughts and worries.

Absence of Intimacy

The lack of sexual activity is often a tell-tale sign of an unhappy marriage. Physical intimacy helps in bringing couples together and make them feel valued, strengthening the bond. In a troubled relationship, sexual activity is almost non-existent.

Low Self Esteem

It has been found that people in unhappy marriages are vulnerable to low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression. A troubled relationship can also affect your physical health. Studies have shown that individuals in unhappy marriages can have symptoms like nausea, diarrhoea, severe headaches and persistent neck and back pain. So, marriage and family counselling can help ease physical ailments by addressing emotional turmoil.

Lack of Arguments

Lack of Arguments
While having too many arguments is not a positive indicator, the complete lack of disagreements isn’t a great sign either. When partners do not have any discussions with each other, it can mean that they have given up on the relationship. Having arguments and complaints and then resolving them together strengthens the relationship. Being silent just fills it with resentment.

How Counselling Can Help Your Marriage

Some of the ways in which marriage and family counselling can help your marriage are:

  • You would be able to resolve your conflicts in a healthy manner. Since a marriage counsellor is not emotionally attached to the matter, they are able to look at it objectively. This helps them in coming to an outcome best suited for your relationship.
  • Marriage and family counselling teaches couples to communicate effectively. You would be able to convey your thoughts without any resentment and anger. Also, you would learn how to listen to the other person.
  • The best marriage counsellor provides a safe place for expressing your feelings and makes each session a comfortable environment to deal with your concerns.
  • It helps in creating a deeper understanding of the other partner wants and needs. Once each knows what the other needs, both can work to fulfil that.

How Counselling Can Help Your Marriage
So, if you are experiencing a strained relationship with your partner, find a professional who has been providing counselling in India for several years.