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Classic Trench Coats


Styling Tips for Classic Trench Coats

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Trench coats are a timeless woman clothing that have transitioned and are here to stay. Even though newer and trendy trench coats hit the runway, classic trench coats are meant for prolonged use.
Classic trench coats tend to come in earth tone colours like camel or khaki. This might be a little tricky for people with dark complexions, as they can appear listless. That is where this guide comes in.

Here is how to don a classic trench coat for a stunning and chic look.

Include Colourful Accessories

The best way to wear a classic women’s trench coat is going colourful. Include a layer of colourful or floral dresses under the trench coat to make you stand out. Still, at times, this look might be a little hard to pull as you are prone to make mistakes. To keep it safe, opt for colourful accessories. Throw in a colourful silk scarf, footwear or beret.
Include Colourful Accessories
Pairing a classic trench coat with a gloomy shade can make you appear older than your actual age.

Belt it Up

Given its staying power, you are most likely to have an oversized classic trench. You don’t have to worry though, belt it up to help size it to your body. Wearing a classic trench coat without the belt allows the ends to hover which might give it a little slovenly appearance.

Show Some skin

You can easily withdraw attention from the trench coat by showing some skin. This gives you a vigorous and polished look. Some of the ways to go about this include; tying up the hair, showing your legs or wearing a low collar layering.

Use White Transition

Use White Transition
If you are looking for a vigorous yet not so basic look, consider including a white layering. A white piece of clothing gives you a fresh and trendy look. There are no restrictions when it comes to white; you can wear a white sweater, T-shirt or blouse.

Pair with Skirts and Dresses

While most people are used to wearing classic trench coats with trousers, a skirt introduces a unique touch to the outfit. Include skirts and dresses to achieve a fresh and exciting look by neutralizing the trench coat’s tough vibe.

Ensure the skirt is shorter than the coat to sustain symmetry.

Find the right shoes

Most of the classic trench coats are long; hence finding the proper footwear can be a little daunting. Pair the trench coat with flat ballerinas if you are looking to achieve a fresh, romantic look. Some of the other alternatives are the brogues or platform shoes.
Find the right shoes


A classic trench coat is practical, versatile and lightweight. These qualities allow you to wear them in almost any season or situation. Given its timelessness, you have to understand how to wear it for different occasions or seasons. Using these tips, you can achieve a stunning look all the time.

Also, remember to follow the best cleaning routine for your trench coat for it to last longer.

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