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Teach Your Kids To Make Invitation Online


Teach Your Kids To Make Invitation Online For Your Next Party

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When it comes to learning technological nuances, children are pretty quick and adept at grasping things that might even scare intellectual adults off. Their mental framework in those early ages is flexible and can be molded to make kids learn various things. And not surprisingly, what children learn in their tender years tends to stay with them throughout their lifetimes. We understand that as a parent, you would want your kids to become independent quickly, and it’s not unknown that every parent loves to have a precocious kid – both technologically and otherwise. In this article, we will help you take your kids a step ahead in realizing these goals.

Though kids like to be exposed to learning new software and apps, sometimes the technicalities of these things make them averse to the learning part. So, in this article, we will discuss how you can easily make your kids learn the simple ways of making an online invitation for any kind of party. Let us begin step by step.

1. Choose the Right Invitation-Making Software

Depending upon the occasion, you can find and choose the kind of app whose technicalities fit your usage. Some people who are inviting for a rather simple event might use an app as simple as Microsoft Paint or Word, in that case. But if you want a proper video invitation designing tool and that too a free no watermark video editor, InVideo can be a simple-to-use online tool.

To create a memorable occasion and to make your kids learn something new, we recommend going ahead with an online invitation-designing application.

2. Choosing the Right Size and Template

Assuming you went ahead with an online invitation design tool, here comes the next step of designing the skeleton of the invite. To make it simple for your children, you can search for the relevant templates associated with the occasion on the app itself. Templates have two great benefits – firstly, they make it easier for you to design anything since they have placeholders for all of the information that you want to plugin. And secondly, they make the design look neat and eye-catchy – perfect to set a lasting impression on your guests.

There are three major sizes and orientations in which templates come – square, horizontal, and vertical. Usually, the square (1:1) size holds good for all major instant messaging as well as social media platforms.

3. Add the Relevant Information

Text-designing is an important tool that kids should have a fair idea about. This will help them in their careers in creating handsome presentations and reports. When you choose a template, it already has some text written throughout its running span. Edit it out and add the text information related to your event. Generally, the text information includes the name of the event (birthday, anniversary, etc.), date & time, address of the venue, although the dress code is kept as optional.

The important thing in this step is to choose the right font and size. Fonts like Open Sans and Helvetica are quite famous and usually fit in with most occasions. We’ll let you in on a secret here, though – it takes a lot of hits and misses to land on the right font.

The letter case should also be carefully selected. For a kid’s birthday, use small case letters since they have a softer look and feel. For an occasion like an anniversary, you can use capital letters signifying the formal tonality. Textbox Animation is an advanced but awesome feature that can accentuate the good looks of your invite.

4. Improvising on Visual Imagery and Color Tone

Whichever template you choose, would definitely have a placeholder for an image or two. Change the already placed image with the one associated with your occasion. For example, use your child’s image if it is his/her birthday. There is also a collection of images that comes with most apps from which you can search for a relevant image and drag it on the placeholder.

For certain shapes involved in the design, you can also change their colors if they don’t suit your tastes. Further, you can change the color of the text to give it a more attractive persona. There is another option for putting shapes in your design. A common example of using this feature would be to put a rectangle box or circle around the text.

Adding effects, enhancements, and filters would be the advanced features in this step. More or less, even without these features, you would end up with a fine-looking invite.

5. Adding Music and Slideshow Effects

Most software supports the function of adding a custom background music track if the current template doesn’t have one or the current track is not suitable. Through a slideshow maker with music, you can multiply the frames from the track bar and edit each of these frames with different images/text to give a slideshow effect to your video. This option is great when you’re preparing a memory bank for a special occasion (silver jubilee, for example).

Following these simple steps would definitely assist you in teaching your kids the technical part of using an online invite maker, starting from the basics, of course. We assure you that learning an online design software would definitely be a child’s play now!

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