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The Benefits of Phentermine Pills

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While a well-balanced, low-calorie diet and regular exercise are the pillars of weight management, some medications may be very effective adjuncts. One such medication is phentermine, which is one of the most widely prescribed weight reduction medications in the world.

When used with a low-calorie diet and exercise, it has been shown to be helpful for short-term weight reduction. However, there are dangers and adverse effects associated with taking phentermine for weight reduction. Check out the link if you are wondering where to get phentermine to lose weight.

This page discusses phentermine in detail, including its advantages, dosage, and probable negative effects.

Phentermine – What Is It?

Phentermine is a prescription drug used to treat obesity.

It was licensed by the FDA in 1959 for use in adults over the age of 16 for a period of up to 12 weeks.  Phentermine was coupled with other weight reduction medications in the 1990s. This medication combination was often referred to as fen-phen.

The FDA recalled the other two medications used in the therapy — fenfluramine and dexfenfluramine — off the market after complaints of serious cardiac issues among users.

Phentermine is marketed under the trade names Adipex-P, Lomaira, and Suprenza, and is also used in combination weight-loss drugs such as Qsymia.

Due to its chemical similarities to the stimulant amphetamine, it is a restricted medication that is only accessible with a prescription.

Your doctor may prescribe phentermine if you are obese, defined as having a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or above. Additionally, if you are overweight with a BMI higher than or equal to 27 and have at least one weight-related illness, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or type 2 diabetes, it may be recommended.

How Is It Operated?

Phentermine is classified as an anorectic, often known as an appetite suppressor. Phentermine helps reduce your appetite, allowing you to consume less calories. This might result in weight reduction over time. While the precise methods by which phentermine suppresses hunger remain unknown, the medicine is believed to work by raising neurotransmitter levels in the brain. Neurotransmitters, which include norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine, are your body’s chemical messengers. When these three substances are elevated, the sensation of hunger reduces.

However, you may develop a resistance to phentermine’s appetite-suppressing effects within a few weeks. In such a situation, you should not raise your dosage of the medication but rather discontinue use entirely.

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Weight Loss Effective

Numerous clinical investigations have shown that phentermine may significantly increase fat reduction. Phentermine usage is estimated to result in an average weight reduction of 5% of your starting body weight. However, during a 12-week period, it may be as high as 10%. This translates to a 10–20 pound (4.5–9 kg) weight reduction for a 200 pound (90.7 kg) individual.

A meta-analysis of six trials found that participants taking an average dosage of 27.5 mg of phentermine for 13 weeks lost an average of 13.9 pounds (6.3 kg), compared to 6.2 pounds (2.8 kg) in placebo groups.

While phentermine has been demonstrated to be useful for weight reduction, when taken with topiramate, it may be more successful.

Topiramate is a medication that has been used to treat seizures on its own but, like phentermine, also has appetite-suppressant characteristics. Qsymia is a combination medicine including topiramate and phentermine. In comparison to three other frequently given weight-loss medications, the combination of phentermine and topiramate was linked with the best likelihood of reducing at least 5% of one’s starting body weight.

Additionally, research indicates that the combination of phentermine and topiramate is the most successful weight reduction prescription available — with patients losing an average of 21.6 pounds (9.8 kg) after taking the highest dosage for one year.

This weight loss has been associated with a considerable reduction in waist circumference, increased insulin sensitivity, and better blood sugar management in users, as well as beneficial effects on triglyceride and cholesterol levels.

Could Be Beneficial for Certain Types of Eating Disorders

The combination of phentermine and topiramate may assist persons with binge eating disorder (BED) and bulimia nervosa to minimize binge eating.

BED is characterized by excessive food consumption, often rapidly and to the point of discomfort. Additionally, it is related to a sense of loss of control during the binge, as well as emotions of shame or guilt after the binge.

Bulimia nervosa is characterized by the same binge-eating behavior as BED, but adds self-induced vomiting as a means of compensating for the consequences of binge eating.

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In a short 12-week trial of obese or overweight persons with BED, the combination of phentermine and topiramate was linked with considerable weight loss, BMI decrease, and binge-eating episode frequency reduction.

Another 12-week research assigned individuals with BED or bulimia nervosa to either the medication combination or a placebo. Over a 28-day period, therapy with phentermine and topiramate reduced participants’ binge-eating days from 16.2 to 4.2. The placebo group did not exhibit the same outcomes.

By lowering binge episodes, the medication combination may aid in weight loss for the estimated 40%–80% of persons with BED or bulimia nervosa who are overweight or obese, while also improving mood and feeling of control over eating.

Dosage & Administration

Phentermine dosages vary according on its type and concentration.


Prior to 2016, phentermine was available in dosages of 15, 30, and 37.5 mg. However, since physicians are advised to give the lowest effective amount possible, the FDA authorized an 8-mg formulation in 2016 that may be taken up to three times a day. To minimize insomnia or problems sleeping or staying asleep, avoid taking the last dosage too late in the day.

Topiramate and Phentermine

Phentermine and topiramate — marketed under the trade name Qsymia — are a weight-loss drug combo. This drug is available in four doses including 3.75–15 mg phentermine and 23–92 mg topiramate.

After 14 days on the lowest dosage, your doctor may decide to increase your dose. If you do not lose 5% of your body weight after 12 weeks on the maximum daily dosage, the medicine should be stopped.

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